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Bad Ras Freestyle “Dry Cry” For Vybz Kartel [VIRAL VIDEO]

A young Rastafarian singer who goes by the name Bad Ras released a video of himself freestyling and crying for Vybz Kartel who is in a mountain of legal troubles.

As with most things related to the self proclaim Worl’Boss, the video has gone viral online.

DETAILS: Vybz Kartel Trial The Longest Running Trial In Jamaica’s Court History

Bad Ras samples Sizzla’s classic “Dry Cry” for the freestyle.

“Me affi dry cry fi Kartel it nuh easy fi yo lock behind cell / Whose fault no one but yoself / Yo didn’t want to know Jah yo made a mistake / The devil influence yo just fi lock yo inna jail / just when yo career did start sell / Jah help yo pon di case / Jah help yo with the case even though yo bleach yo face,” Mad Rass rhymes.

Watch the video below.


  1. U a false fake ditty bo bo natty bongo .u a Judge the man .go brush your mouth.bout them n.a. use toothpaste

  2. Bad ras go fix u fu—ng teeth


  4. Yep….he did it to himself. There r ppl out there who didn’t get the opportunity that these fools got in life. They took it and did nothing but promote a dutty f#ckery ungodly lifestyle. No sympathy!

  5. Dwl tis funny bt a ture


  7. Yow isn’t that Mykal Fax aka cymbols from d movie “Bashment”?

  8. this stupid Bad Ras pretending to play prosecutor,judge & jury.Am in Zimbabwe and I know exactly how the justice system can easily be subjected to the whims of politicians & the powerful.Been following the Kartel closely and so far the evidence presented by the state is trash eg anyone can have a work boss ratio on their hands,why the hell wasn’t the face captured.Kartel shall walk least coz he had the resources to get good lawyers.So many innocent souls perishing in jail for no crimes. it’s so sad and it ain’t funny.

  9. Lol Bad Ras this funny. “Jah help yo with the case even though yo bleach yo face”