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Kartel Trial: Cop Admit Criminals In Police Force, No Explanation For Modified Phone Data

Prosecution witness and lead investigator in Vybz Kartel murder case, Deputy Superintendent of Police Vernal Thompson, admitted in court on Wednesday that there are criminals inside the Jamaica Constabulary Force.

Under cross-examinations from Vybz Kartel defense attorney Christian Tavares-Finson, Thompson was grilled about data being modified on a cellphone while in police custody.

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Defense attorney Pierre Rogers also grilled the senior cop about aspects of the case that cops failed to do follow up investigation.

Rogers: “Would you be surprised to know that (the key prosecution witness) told the police he had a firearm?

Thompson: “I wouldn’t be surprised.”

Rogers: “Do you agree with me sir that in not sharing this information with you the police essentially closed off a line of investigation?”

Thompson: “Yes.”

Rogers: Would you be surprised to know that Mr. Linton left the keys to his locker, which contained the evidence, on top of his locker, surprised or concerned?”

Thompson: “I would be very much concerned.”

Rogers: “Are you aware that the phone was being used while at the Flying Squad, surprised or concerned?”

Thompson: “Most concerned.”

Rogers: “The use of the phone at CFCU leaves you surprised or concerned?”

Thompson: “Concerned, that is not the type of behavior, but there are unscrupulous persons in some organizations including the Jamaica Constabulary Force.”

Rogers: “Are you surprised that the phone was being used while in the custody of the police?”

Thompson: “Concerned. I’m not surprised. This is Jamaica with lots of criminals, even in the Jamaica Constabulary Force.”

Justice Lennox Campbell at this time sought clarification from the DSP.

“Among the team if persons in the task meeting, did you identified any of those as being unscrupulous?” the judge asked.

“No my lord, they are persons of integrity and reputable character,” DSP Thompson responded.

The trial continues tomorrow.


  1. Jamaica…. police force corrupt… dis whole ting a set up… free d worl boss.

  2. Criminals in the police force yes but its still hard to see how the police can fabricate voice notes and videos. They would have to go through some real length to get someone who look like Kartel and sound like him. date can change on phones but the network would registered the correct date text messages sent. Dude is clearly guilty but these police are so stupid. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kartel walk free

    • Real talk u make I wouldn’t be supprise if d bleacher walk free with all these evidence wah taking so long to hear a guilty or nt guilty a dat part a puzzle me bt me agree with everything u say

    • How clear were the videos and the voice notes? There is no match to the tattoo on the fingers. Are you saying that whilst in jail kartel removed the tattoo? Sometimes people should think before chatting.

      • No it’s nt crap kartel av somthing fi do with the killing me and you dnt how clear the viedo and voice note ,the informer boy knw wat happen

      • it is crap and a totally biased statement! further the informant is obviously coerced

      • Oh well too bad, him guilty everybody can see dat the bleacher have somthing to do with killing were is the guilty vedric ? Babylon never have so much evidence agains the big reggae star with all these evidence to link d bleacher still taking a long time to lock him #crazy#sh-t#

      • Some illiterate people acting as if they’re smart, “educated dunce” shawn occonnor. And that where the problem come in, people like you. Shut your mouth you dunce. acting has if kartel has nothing to do with it, he is not a saint

      • make up your mind nincompoop its either one is a dunce or is educated, there is a wide distinction between the two. In the interest of justice one has to give a person the benefit of the doubt. Sorry but I went to a prominent law school and practice under a superior jurisdiction to Jamaica.

      • #yawn, well i dot see it and even if that was the case based on the tampering of evidence to secure conviction this case should be dismissed.

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      • The only reason why it taking so long people changing their story either they paid or they’re scared.