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Nicki Minaj Show Off New Look Natural Hair On Instagram [PHOTO]

Nicki Minaj could be over her blonde hair because she is showing off her natural hair on Instagram.

The Harajuku barbie posted these banging photos on Instagram showing off her famous ass-ets.

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“No perm. No extensions,” Nicki Minaj wrote on Twitter.

Last year Nicki Minaj heat up Instagram with some steamy photos and this year she looks like she is planning to turn up the heat.

What do you think about Nicki Minaj new look?

Nicki Minaj real hair



  1. Brilliance Ngoepe

    be who you wanna be leave you life babie i like you mwaa

  2. nikkilynnesearcy

    Love her

  3. Danielle Elizabeth

    Um… You guys obviously need to go to youtube and see Nicki before she was famous. The first pic is her real hair. She wears weaves and wigs to support her Barbie image. Her real hair would be ruined if she colored hot pink and blue. Nicki has long beautiful hair she just chooses what’s called “protective styling” to prevent her real hair from being damaged. Many women wear hair extensions, of all races for fashion; it’s not always because they don’t have their own hair. Stop commenting on what you know nothing about 😉 thanks!

  4. Horse hair, dead peoples hair burned with an iron and lubed up with chemicals, grease and gel. Yup all hers. But with rear end of a rhino. What in the hell happened down there? It looks like a bomb went off, and not in a good way. She’s truly insane to boot. In her mind She’s like some kind of ghetto Snow White. She is stuck at age 5 wishing she was a princess. She scares me. And that camera should stay way up around her face. Don’t aim down. God. And your music makes my ears bleed its so bad.

  5. Nehes Ba'a Rayay

    she’s a so-called real hair rocking(Sodium Hydroxide) ‘Satiyr'(BAPHOMET) Chick!!! you picked up Lil Kim’s Brand!!!

  6. Nicki you are so fake and pathetic and sad.