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VYBZ KARTEL TRIAL: Video Footage Tattooed Light-Skinned Man With Axe

Vybz Kartel murder trial is currently unfolding in the Home Circuit court.

Former head of the Communication and Cybercrime unit in the Organised Crime Investigation Division, OCID, Patrick Linton, is currently on the witness stand.

DETAILS: Vybz Kartel Trial Day 37: Defense Accuse Cop Of Fabricating Evidence

Linton told the court that he observed a light-skinned man with tattoos swinging a pickaxe in a cellphone video.

The video was allegedly recovered from a cellphone cops confiscated from one of the accused men.

Patrick Linton said on October 3, 2011, he received a cellphone from Detective Corporal Albert Pitt from the Police Flying Squad.

Vybz Kartel tattoos 2014

Linton also told the court that he extracted data from a Blackberry smartphone on October 22, 2011. The data includes video footage, text messages, images and other data.

The senior police officer say in one of the videos he saw a light-skinned man with the tattoo “boss” on his forearm. There were several other persons in the video. He said the man was holding a pickaxe stick in his hand.

Kartel tattoo hand

Vybz Kartel has a lot of tattoos all over his hands but we are not sure if he has the word “boss.”

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, along with co-accused Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams are on trial for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Williams.

The Crown theory is that Williams was beaten to death on August 16, 2011 over two missing firearms while being interrogated by the accused men a the deejay’s house in Havendale.

His body was never found.


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  2. yuh have lawyer ah wah yuh did do suh.

    • Possession of illegal firearm, drugs and other fu—ry that i do not wish to disclose. Police took that sh– off of me and i went to jail. I got bail and then fight that sh– in court. i beat those f–kn charges because that was an illegal search. They did get the illegal sh– plus my cash but i walked free because they violated my rights…HUMAN RIGHTS comes before any man made f—n law. At least where I live but that does not seem to be the case in f—n Jamaica that is filled with dunce head crooked cops and heartless politicians. They should try the boss fairly. I am not saying he is innocent but let the evidence speak for itself instead of doing things to secure a conviction.
      1) misleading court with text messages.
      2) admitting disc with info that cannot be verified by tyhe back up disc because it is so called missing.
      That sh– causes people to raise their eyebrows. It does not look good. Make me wonder if they are trying to lock him away and the judge is with it!!

  3. And u sound real intelligent like Bounty killa the dunce (fkn oxymoron). I see who you are inspired by but please keep your batty fetishes to urslelf!!

  4. And thats the reason why he is in prison today and probably for a very long time to come.

  5. Thiss Is Why U SHouldnt get all dese bait tats

  6. kartel was stupid when he let the main witness got away and c now it cost him is freedom right now he is beatin himself its so embarrassing to c him goin in and out of that small hot jeep in handcuff everyday. i read all the coment and what i observe is that the gaza man dem r still livin in denial but sad to say kartel is goin to prison for a long time

  7. Think about it if someone tried to merk u would u get into a cab wit dem lol ride to de hospital wait till they were done with their appointment and get back into a cab wit dem and let them drop u off at home lol like .fk lol I’d be gone lol this bwoy is lyin and if there was someone waiting at home for him get a bullet not a ticket lol Fkn retards that bwoy done change his name and Lvin in pc somewhere

    • Start writing you placard from now you and the other dummies – When he is being transfered to GP to serve is 30 to life – the following has sealed his faith or lack there off.

      1) Crown Witness says he last saw Lizard face down with a man with a block standing over him at kartels home
      2) Text messages from Storm confirm what the witness said about missing guns.
      3) Text messages from Lizards phone also confirm the witness story about going to kartel house.
      4) Fire experts says the house was set on fire by purpose.
      5) Storm said in a text people ago dead fi the thing them

      All the above equals GUILTY.

      So continue to fool unuself.

      • You and burn Gaza are dumb as hell the same way. If lizard claimed to be so scared why in the fu– did he go to the house. Why did the so called witness was able to get away from all these guys…yeah right. He was so tough he was able to escape while seeing lizard lying there on the floor. There’s no way they would have left a witness dumb a–.

      • u forgot the part about
        1) witness cannot prove he was there….just word of mouth.
        2) text messages does not hold any weight because second disc is missing therefore and cannot verify what has been presented into evidence.
        3) the house being set to fire does not prove that a man was killed there…they have to show and prove to the court that that took place there. Which they have not. the blood sample did not match

        Any good lawyer will or can eat up da case yah….this would have been a cake walk for my lawyer.

        so stop exposing your ignorance on the intyernet for the world to see…DUMB A–!!

      • Guh su– yr big pu— mother batty man jus sh– a come hot yr toilet mouth if anybody dum is you c—sucker with yr bad mind self if u wat to eat up somthing guh vist the toilet and eat up some sh– becuz jus sh– u a talk push yr head inna yr mother pu—hole like stay free

      • Crown witness wrote a letter saying him lied the police forced him to.

      • Fo real?

  8. Show me. Vybez kahira andre shawn and shane on dat video not some forearm with a tattoo that doesn’t belong to any of them and a pickaxe nice try where are the faces b–ches lost evidence bogus testimony admitted liars no body false location it’s all fkry trying to bring down the empire they don’t have a Fkn leg to stand on I’ve never seen a more incompetent set of douchebags in my life free up daddy!!!! Burn Babylon

  9. The thing about the law is a thing call hear say it’s a lot of it going on in this case the dude that keep bring up the Zimmerman Cass fail to understand FL have a self defense law the U.S did not just let him go they just fail to prove that he indeed kill him….and yes if it was America the case would have been throw out it’s no way evidence that is said to be missing one day can turn up the next day and still be use caz it’s a chance of that evidence being Tapper with I been in front of the judge b4 testimony with no evidence is just talk and do plz remember the times and location on the text messages do not mach what was testified earlier in this case….I also remember the Guy from digicel said they can not determine who send wat text from wat phone or Mek wat call from wat phone
    to be real if he do it and they prove it then it’s the rite thing ppl is putting feelings towards kartel and the rest of these gentleman over the evidence frankly kartel don’t help put food in my kids mouth so frankly I’m not missing him but I can honestly say the batty man police dem still a try find something to pin on the Gaza youth dem drop keyboard and out

    • A Realist thank you for explaining to the dummy Burn Gaza because he clearly doesn’t understand the law. It seems that he thinks that bounty killer is the law. He knows nothing about America but choose to keep bringing up this Zimmerman case. If live if Miami Fl like you say you do then you should know the stand your ground law. You idiot creature you are.

      • Don’t try to convince or teach burn gaza nothing. He or she is a dunce. You shouldn’t waste time trying to put powder on a BLACK BIRD. seem to me that he or she or maybe a shim can only think with it’s emotions. FREE BUMBOCLAAT WORL’ BOSSS!!

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      • Jay Z Eminem Missy Eliot and some more can’t remember the names
        And he was almost signed to Jay z label b4 is arrest the first time that’s when Jay z said he is talented but he not going down that rd so plz movado work with only a set a ppl that’s under the one label (we the best ymcmb/MMG)nobody out side of there

      • Lol I dnt knw which jay z u talking abt wat is the name of the song dat d bleacher do with eminem? Suh ne-yo, the beautiful miss Alicia keys, 50 cent, papoose , them under the same record Lebel ? Jus rubbish you talking abt it look like you and humbles is the same person . @humbless talking abt kartel music tis and dat not only him music play on radio everybody music pay up here suh you and her his talking bs . Movado a make all the money while kartel big inna Jamaica & jail house lol

      • i’m readin all the coments and what i obsever is that gaza man dem r livin in denial accept the truth and the reality that kartel is goin to prison it is hard to acceptbut he was stupid when he made the main witness got away and now it cost him is freedom

    • Gyal let me give you the facts , becuz u are talking rubbish . It’s call stand yr ground law google marrisa Alexander she is a black woman now she fire a shot In the air warning shot becuz she did av an abuse husband attorney tell her she mus accept a peal deal giving her lest time in jail she refused it saying she av the stand yr ground on her side the jury them dismiss dat telling her all types of bs wen everything done a 20 years she get .Bt GZ start a fight with a counsel gun and kill the yute and the reason why him get away was becuz the yute black if him did white him would a get some jail time knowledge that. The only way kartel case would get trow out only if kartel was a white man .again you and dat fool fool gyal humbles if UNO want to trow out somthing guh round a back road guh trow out unno pu$$y mi live inna Miami fl were u live ? Were you get yr information from? Bout trow out dwl

      • What is with you and this black and white thing look how much black man get off free in America to name the biggest one OJ Simpson even Ray Lewis a all pro nfl player get off a double murder charge….do remember the judge don’t say if you guilty or not it’s the jury that decide that the judge only set the sentence if found guilty…lot a ppl can’t afford a lawyer and what’s you go with a public attorney it’s like saying here take me to jail no matter if you black white pink or purple I’m just saying…

      • You Lost me wat u mean black man get off free o j , still deh a jail wat with me and black and white ? Becuz humbles come chat bs abt if kartel case was in the state it would av been trow out lol can’t stp laugh no them would a lock him up and gaza slim quick quick , becuz dem a black people . Were you live ??

  10. That vedio will soon be said to be missing

  11. What people seem not to overstand here is that gangster living catches up to you one way or the other, one day or the other. If Kartel and friends were decent, humble people with good morals then they wouldn’t be in such a mess in the first place. There is several reasons why Kartel is facing this murder charge and one of those reasons is because he chose to live a gangster boss type of life which includes singing about threats, guns and killing people.
    You see, its the way you choose to live your life today that determines your tomorrow.

    • Utter rubbish.Don’t we all love movies with violence,swearing and sex?

      • You see how stupid you are Mr Phiri Phiri, Kartel is not starring in a movie this is real life, real death leading to real prison not some fictious cinema movie’s you are used to. Next time think before you comment, alright

      • @Blackbeauty_1 I AGREE WITH YOU

    • Thats bull—- he’s in dis mess because of a thief bit– a– idiot who sold somebody elses sh– probably for drugs and ran like a crackhead shoulda just man up instead of running

  12. Let him b free soon if he is innocent ..bt let him die behind bars if he guilty an eye for and eye ……soul fi a soul

  13. Come one I know Vybz is not a saint but this is going no where what is taking so long???? free Addi!!!!

  14. Addi nuh have no boss tattoo pon him 1 of his co-de is light skin naturally n d youth have 1 tattoo pon his right arm,its in Chinese.with that being said do u think if I’m gonna video my self killing a bwoy me going expose my identity weather it be tattoo, clothes or jewellery.not jus that but why would I be msging all my frenz n telling dem that I’m about to go murder dude.Williams n brown make me sick :-/

    • You soon hear the guilty veridic . Bout if him go dwn dancehall go dwn dwl , u and the Nex fool fool gyal humbles she come a chat bout America, weh wicked on the black race anybody who say kartel innocent are all asshole . Real killa move in silence clowns let everybody knw the thing.

      • STFU….all your post are pure fu–ery and pointless. Not only is Kartel innocent but all if them are because you are “Lizard” himself tryin to bring them down because you envy them.
        ???????? BOOM be gone ????I just found your picture gay a– devil.

      • No you STFU likewise yr comment is 100%pure fu@kery the devil a smash you kartel is guilty him soon get it slowly bt surely him nah come a road fi now . Bout u from America nobody nuh care were u from if you want to trow out somthing go round a back road guh trow out yr pu–y dog sh–

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      • For yr information dog sh– I live in Kingston jam, for 15 years I now live in Miami fl abt 5 years now .if the justice system in Jamaica is paid off as to wat you say if a suh a suh. Fact America system is nt for the black race George Zimmerman got way with murder. Now if tis case were in the states with all of those evidence and tex message kartel would be guilt long time gaza slim obstruct the law bt telling the police the dead man Rob her mi knw she would a get some jail time dwl suh dnt come around here talking abt America tis and like it a bed a rose u dig

      • 100

      • on if it was America they would not take this long over a case that just need a week to find out if the person is guilty r not.they would gather real evidence not this garbage case call it a high profile case.

      • Dats what me a say de bwoy a thief and him get scared run and hide him sit back watching it hopeing for a conviction news for u thief it don’t fit any idiot can see dat. FREE WORLD BOSS!!!

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  15. A Kartel alone charge for the murder – why did you people not post photos of the others ?

  16. Am looking at Vybz Kartel tattoos and I don’t see the word “BOSS” among them. Maybe its just me.