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BEEFING.. Tony Matterhorn Dissing Bounty Killer On Instagram

Tony Matterhorn and Bounty Killer are beefing.

Gone are the days when Tony Matterhorn was Bounty Killer’s biggest fan.

The veteran sound system selector/dancehall artist has been posting several videos on Instagram attacking Bounty Killer.

VIDEO: Tony Matterhorn Killing Foota Hype At Bad Boys Sound Clash

In one video, Matterhorn dressed as a woman in bed saying “Rodney yo naan come eat your food.”

This was a direct jab at Bounty Killer, who has been battling rumors for a long time that he likes to go down south on the females.

Watch the video below

Bounty Killer fans are already going in on Tony Matterhorn calling him gay. But Matterhorn is hitting back hard.

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  1. Ah wah do mattisha

  2. every body want a piece a the general kartel da a jail soo dem caan jump on his back so killa a the man fi get a hype ofa right now youth go do u next best didnt work

  3. go su– u madda ba–yboy and dont try diss me general u dress like a gal so man must a fu– u GUNSHOT

  4. ppl all now me caan stop laugh deading wid laugh DWL youth u loose a dat u learn america DWL kill dis fish please ppl a who pay dis fish to do a ting like diss



  7. pu–y matterhorn

  8. tony go an share your dick with the fag them an leave the killa u nah fed up beg fo farward

  9. U and ugly bounty shut fi fu– up. Who is that again. No one remember him. Bounty u 15 mins a fame over

    • Who is bounty killer? Make mi tell you he his the general him own dancehall him buss everybody in the bussniess suh him 15 mintes of fame can’t be over, kartel nuh buss nobody jus use the yutes dem u can’t say nothing in gaza bt gaza . Black ryno did hot one time wen him did in dutty gaza . From leave the gaza him jus flop lol how come

    • Ah who dis h-e ah diss.. look pon she bout 15 mins of fame is up,people like you mek me get angry and fu*–in cross eno………old drunkroo chu

  10. A man a act like a bit– and vex when people tell him – like this fool a look a endorsement deal form the sodomite and battyman them a wah dancehall a come to – a battybowy go berry bloodclaat self

  11. Too much BS in JA people bad mind , politics in the music business , the same people who laugh in your face talk sh– about u . I don’t go to JA unless I have to .

    When anno Khago a war a Bounty . Not picking sides this time don’t f–king care .

  12. Tony Matterhorn is a fish. leave the general out a yo fish mouth

    • maggy daughter want rich now too. errybady done know if uno want mek money jus call killa name. killa love d mixup drape up passa passa ting jus call him name and him mus answer back den jus so u build u fan base memba teacher done show unno and den when im get im hype him say him nar war nuh dinosaur

      • U sound dunce like you never go school mi nuh really understand wat u saying bounty killer own dancehall mi nuh care how him build his fans base . How yr dune head teacher kartel build his fans base by promting a lot of rubbish ,bleach out ,devil work, kick dwn the god father of clashes ( ninja man ) then go apologize dwl . A bounty killer buss everybody including tony m, maybe tis is jus a stunt

      • kick dung dem rass yes. most of those so called artists are dunces. they mislead the generation after them years after years. now some of these these mislead sheep keep saying kartel should rot in jail.that is not right . one should not interject personal feelings when the decision is to be made. instead it should be based on the evidence presented in courty and so far they are weak. it contradict itself on many occasion, texting while in police custody, texting in the same time frame when man was claimed to be dead, blood sample don’t match and it goes on and on. i am not saying he is innocent but he or anybody for that matter should be tried fairly and should go to jail because some group dont like u. if this was any first world country he wouldnt have even been tried under the bullsh– so called evidence. they would have waitedand gather proper evidence to make sure there is a conviction.

      • yuh nuh sound any better how yuh fi happy suh dat kartel kick dung the god father of dancehall…please get out yuh feelings……mi know yuh ah go cuss me but mi nuh care fi reply so duh waste yuh time typing.