VIDEO: Tony Matterhorn Killing Foota Hype At Bad Boys Sound Clash

Tony Matterhorn is one of the baddest and most experience sound system clash selectors in Jamaica.

Matterhorn is still smiling at his US$20,000 prize money after winning last weekend’s Bad Boys Sound Clash, promoted by hip-hop mogul Diddy.

Tony Matterhorn Wins Diddy Bad Boys Sound Clash [FULL AUDIO]

After seeing the footage from the final rounds of the clash we have one advice for Tony Matterhorn. Stick to Sound Clash and leave Sting clash to Kiprich and Ninjaman.

Foota Hype did not stand a chance against the seasoned Matterhorn who had the crowd on its feet during his entire segment.

Tony Matterhorn Donating Clash Proceeds To Charity

Let Tony Matterhorn show you how its done in video below.

Tony Matterhorn also killed Bass Odyssey.