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Nicki Minaj Post Ratchet Selfies On Instagram [PHOTO]

Nicki Minaj and Rihanna were among the most ratchet female celebrities on Instagram last year and this year will be no different.

Nicki felt bored one day this week and took these selfies and post on Instagram. The pics speaks for themselves so use your imagination.

DETAILS: Nicki Minaj New Album To Feature Vybz Kartel

Perhaps the “Super Bass” rapper is just laughing off rumors that she is pregnant with Lil Wayne’s baby.

Nicki Minaj selfie instagram

Nicki Minaj is currently working on her new album. According to sources close to the Trinidadian rapstress, Vybz Kartel will be featured on the album.

Nicki Minaj selfie instagram 1



  1. Whydid Youblockme

    What’s she supposed to be in these pictures, seductive??? She doesn’t feel like she’s getting enough attention?? She’s a fcuking idiot. And she’s acting like a real ATTENTION WH(0)RE. What makes her even more STUPID is she doesn’t have to do ANY of this bcz she gets enough “respect” in the business, her fans LOVE her & she has TONS of fans. Why she feels she needs to present herself like a low-class dcik-teasin’ bum-btich I’ll never understand. I never cared for her as an artist in the first place – however, I DID have some respect & admiration for her but I’m losing THAT REAL fast bcz she does nonsense like THIS & that other “Barbie doll” b.s. & she’s presenting herself like a cheap self-disrespecting h0 in her “selfie” pics. Then she wonders “Why??” guys send her nasty pics of themselves & do disrespectful nasty sht with photoshop with HER OWN pictures.

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