New Usain Bolt Family Photo In Virgin Ad Heats Up Debate

Usain Bolt new advertisement for Virgin Media has been stiring up a lot of controversy among Jamaicans since making its debut last month

In the ad, the Jamaican sprint legend play the characters of an entire family including mom, dad, and baby.

WATCH: Usain Bolt Stars As Entire Family In Virgin Media Ad [VIDEO]

The ad has been getting mixed reviews particularly among Jamaicans who are known to be very homophobic.

A lot of fans are question why Usain Bolt is dressed like a female in the ad, while others says its just entertainment.

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  1. Listen jack ass Nat who don’t know there is more than one famous people come from JA.Bob Marley put JA on the map plain and simple .

  2. Nat another idiot Jamaican who is mr know it all .You sound like a real jackass .
    Don’t speak to me .

  3. Calm down guys yes the baby is photoshop, the woman body is debate- able but really guys be nice to each other, debate nicely, too many people are quick to hide bedind a computer screen and be nasty, yet they’d not dare in real life; ‘cos they know they’d get a smack in the face! Anyway, before you do debate, you all need to learn to type English anyway! ;-)

  4. Anyone who thinks that he ACTUALLY has on a dress is stupid as hell. It’s photoshop. Stop being so butt hurt.

  5. Its just for entertaintment of course Usain is not gay, yall need to get yalls head out of the gutter, man out deh a duh worst, its an ad for God sake, just calm down….

  6. Eat your food Bolt dem say. F**kery dat! Some people will say, “I’m not gay, but I will let a man f**k me in the a$$ for $1,000,000.” Well guess what, whether you do it for $1 or $1,000,000, you is still f**king gay.

  7. in the two seconds it took me to say “this discussion is a waste of time”, Usain Bolt added thousands of real dollars to his account … some of us chat while others do, then we turn around and chat some more about how the doers should be doing what they do

  8. Kirkland u have a point but u can’t blame people to feel the way how they feel . I don’t think lots of people expects him to do this role . Money talks .

  9. I really don’t care what he does he did not put Jamaica on any map . Bob Marley did some people still don’t know who Usain is
    He did an article in the daily news that I didnt like . All I can say humble yourself what u have can be gone tomm .

    • There’s more than one famous person from Jamaica you know, Bob’s been dead years, get over it, someone else can do well from there too you know!

  10. Idiots everyone of the pics PHOTOSHOPPED , nothing wrong there.

  11. Stop using stupid gay propaganda words like homophobic. It’s nonsensical.

  12. They should have gotten Shelly Ann to play the women.

  13. Much ado about nothing!

  14. seems like Jamaicans dont understand the power of technology yet good god man.. people its all a stunt him nuh inna no dress them simply put his head on different bodies..

  15. he did not wear the dress, his face was photoshopped on an actress playing the role of mother people -_-

  16. Bolt must’ve had a whale of a time doing this ad. Love to see him in a movie!

    • he will be doing a movie soon. Apparently Samuel L Jackson came on Twitter stating that he wanted Bolt to star his film he’ll be directing soon:

  17. Big up usain bolt him put Jamaica on the map, if him wah dress up like a woman a fi him business dat bt mi say burn batty man , like weh sizzla say we nuh care who wah vex we nah support nuh same sex dat cannot bring life, fire burn

    • its crazy how people can be so stupid, its obvious that they only put usain’s head on the body of a female, so really and truly he is not wearing a dress.

      • Shut the hell up he really dress up as a woman I saw the making of the play … Bt I dnt care if him wah put on dress …

      • So him dress up like de baby to or a photo shop. Ignorance is no bliss. People need to wake de hell up. Oonu a criticize him an a bet oonu caan pay oonu bills.. Money fi mek. Worry bout oonu business. Every body have dem opinion but really no one cares!!! Just saying!

      • Pus–hole u nuh hear me say I dnt care if the man wah dress up like a woman, mi not even did a talk abt those photo shop pictures, a mus ur muma can’t pay her bill all my bills pay fah! And if mi nuh pay it,and it get cut off a jus so it go bt me nah dress up as a female and put on dress becuz money haffi make as to weh you say fire burn !! And guh su– out ur muma as well money haffi Mek bt me nah do anything fi money

  18. Kirkland Jason Edwards

    Jamaicans again always in peoples business, that’s why we so flicking backwards in today’s world, where everything ones do, they always ready to make they filthy assumptions. Lord please let them travel the world and let them see how people live they life, without been judged.

  19. Its ignorant to think that he is gay because he is wearing a dress, but am still wondering why did he do it. couldn’t they find a female actress from Jamaica to play that role. nevertheless eat yo food Bolt

    • bcoz it was meant to be funny weh Bolt ah act him whole family. it needed to look like Bolt for the humor. its just an ad.