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Shaggy Says Tessanne Chin Highlight The Radio Bias In Jamaica

Before Tessanne Chin won The Voice season five, you hardly ever hear her music play on the radio in Jamaica.

Now not only has she been getting a lot of love from the reggae/dancehall community, but her music has been quietly added to radio rotation across Jamaica.

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Speaking with Winford Williams of Onstage last weekend, Shaggy, who managed Tessanne Chin says the problem goes beyond Tessanne Chin.

“It’s a good question because it also reflect on other artists, not just Tessanne, that are struggling in that field,” Shaggy said. “If your not in the midst of doing music that are raw in the street music, if you have somewhat of an international flare or some type of music that are clean and stuff like that then it becomes much like a fight.”

Watch the full interview.


  1. Diva girl . Happy New Year to u . Female artists in JA don’t get the recognition they deserve . There are lots of talent in JA , people don’t have visa , some artist do not help any one and lots of people don’t have the connection or money .
    I want to see more Caribbean people on the voice but not every one will end up like Tessane trust me . Tessane is one of a kind and unique . I would love to see Cherine Anderson on the voice and Tessane sister .

  2. Question: Don’t the promotion and management teams of the artistes have a role to play? Shaggy for example never get big inna Jamaica until we see him on TV but then those labels invest millions in promoting their artistes and their labels. Since Shaggy come back a Jamaica he has been doing self promotions as well since him understand the business.

    I think promotion and marketing has much to do with this thing. Payola is not only to blame. It take money and talent . The music business is a business. We in Ja do not take the business part of it seriously.

    • So true…I’ve been a fan of Tessanne for years and followed her journey through The Voice. Jamaica music industry does need to sort itself out…if you didn’t know you would think they are only male artistes with the odd one or two female. They only seem to play certain artistes when they get exposure overseas and go on as if they were playing them all the time and Tessanne is a perfect example of this.

  3. True words Shaggy. artist them a buy out the radio disc jockey them

  4. Our female artist/entertainers have a difficult time in the music industry in Jamaica whether if is air play of stage shows. If you check the poster for shows they are dominated by male artist/entertainers

  5. not so much true because even people who are doing slack songs still nah get a buss, so this thing about “yuh haffi sing slack songs fi buss” is rubbish. yuh know how much artiste out deh a try buss and cant? whether them doing slack songs or not.

  6. so true shaggy,