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Tessanne Chin Tops iTunes Chart With Powerful Whitney Houston Performance

Tessanne Chin currently top the iTunes singles chart with “I Have Nothing (The Voice Performance).”

The Jamaican songstress rose to the top of the music download chart after solidifying her placed on The Voice 2013 as a world class vocalist.

WATCH: Tessanne Chin Performed “I Have Nothing” The Voice Final Dec 16 [VIDEO]

Whitney Houston is a huge shoe to fill in the music world, but Tessanne Chin pulled it off flawlessly. She received a standing ovation from the audience and left her coach Adam Levine speechless for the second week straight.

Tessanne Chin also topped the iTunes chart last week after performing “Bridge Over Troubled Water.”

The “Hideaway” singer also cracked the iTunes top ten singles today with her duet with Adam Levine, The Beatles “Let It Be.”

Vote for Tessanne Chin

Tessanne is going into tonight’s final show as the hot favourite to win The Voice 2013 and take home to Jamaica a recording contract and a cash prize of $100,000.

To vote for Tessanne Chin call 1-855-864-2301 or text 1 to 8642. Voting ends on Tuesday at 11 a.m. EST.

You can also helped Tessanne Chin win by downloading her singles on iTunes. Each download gives her five points towards her final tally.


  1. Tessanne chin what a remarkable performance, her style her culture just beautiful, I bet you any money there is a lot more Jamaicans who can sing like Tessanne chin but never get the chance, thank God for Tessanne chin, she’s going to break the ice for a lot more to come, thank God hey jamaican icon has arrived.

    • WERD, you hit the nail on the head Mr Lee

    • Lee, why did you have to discount Tessanne Chin performance by adding that other Jamaicans might be better than her?
      Your mother , never told you , if you nothing good to say…. then DON’T SAY it ???
      Tessanne was awesome on the Voice and deserve every accolade that she is getting. Period!

      • hey Michael I’m sorry you got the wrong, I didn’t mean it like that when you said better. I’m not taking anything away from Tessanne chin, beautiful performance beautiful young lady, what I’m saying the opportunity wasn’t there , and I bet you there’s a lot more out there, that didn’t get the opportunity, I’m just saying, I voted for her 10 times, I believe that Whitney Houston performing with a killer , nobody sing like Whitney and she did.
        I’m sorry man I take my hat off to her.

      • Lee, thanks for clearing up, your point of view.
        Yeah, I agree with you, Tessanne’s take on Whitney’s song was awesome.