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Vybz Kartel Trial To Go Into New Year, Another Christmas In Jail

Vybz Kartel will be spending another Christmas in jail.

Last week the judge indicated that the murder trial will go into the new year.

In the Jamaican justice system there is usually a legal vacation between the last week in December and the first week in January of the new year. This year the legal vacation starts on December 20 and ends January 6.

NEWS: Vybz Kartel Trial After Fourt Weeks, No Verdict

Last Friday, Justice Lennox Campbell asked the jurors to confer among themselves and give inputs on which days the trial should proceed.

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The judge says the state will not be able to complete the trial before Christmas. Thus the trial will probably adjourned this Friday and resumes on January 6.

This means the accused men will spend their third straight Christmas behind bars.

Vybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer is on trial, for the alleged murder of dancer Clive “Lizard” Williams. The dancehall stars protege Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, André St John, and Shane Williams are also charged with Williams’ murder.

According to authorities, Williams was beaten to death over a missing illegal firearm on August 16, 2011 at a house in Havendale, St. Andrew.

His body was never found.


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  2. Some bwoy ride Kartel in the batty right now. #freeworldboss.

  3. You sound like a hater

  4. Ha ha it’s people like you and your serpent like nature why justice systems fail. I realize your basic ability to put pen to paper and your limited skills to reason also shows basic lack of intelligence. If the evidence against one is overwhelming or if proved beyond a shadow of a doubt then he is MOST likely guilty. However in TGIS case even if Mr. Palmer is found guilty it would not be on the two criterion listed above but maybe on a reasonable doubt. I can recommend u start by reading George P. Fletcher, Basic concepts of criminal Law,

  5. Hello everyone deserve a second chance… and kartel ave a good side to im also so plz dnt judge di man base on the little mistake he may have done…lots of love baby I know you soon free cuz a God naa sleep, jus promote more n more positivity seen… one love me breda. Am jus 16 yow who don’t like my comment plz don’t bada nyam me seen..

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  7. I don’t support anything this man does and say but how unno cant find the body of the dead man? I cannot stand my birth country system. I hope he will surrender his life to Jesus asap.

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      • further the level of intelligence portrayed by Vybz kartel, buju isnt anywhere close to the fading shadow to that. Buju was proven guilty and had overwhelming evidence the case here is different with Kartel.

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      • Aww, your eloquence supersede me and I’m fading in its shadow. I didn’t understand due to words I’m unfamiliar with. Buju will be free when his time is come but your campaign will not change the mind and reason of a superior justice system to that of where you come from

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  10. I don’t support anything this man does and say but how unno cant find the body of the dead man? I cannot stand my birth country system. I hope he will surrender his life to Jesus asap.

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  11. Why are people so dum they need to read up on his court case he did not kill the person he is the instigator for murder

    • Then if he is an instigator for murder then he is guilty! therefore if one becomes an accessory to murder, then he/she is guilty! In favor of the defence Mr. Palmer is neither an accessory or instigator in the first instance.

  12. Who was murdered and by who ?That question is not yet answered so let the man enjoy their freedom meantime

  13. but we don’t know the truth story, if he’s not guilty it’s an injustice

  14. Another Christmas in jail for the Jailboss. Just keep him there. if you murder someone you should be in prison.

    • He didn’t murder him though, bad mind people

    • real talk, if the man guilty him shud be lock up, i bet most a these ppl wudnt defend him it was one of dem fam members dat died

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    • so these people have seen the murder and they are here sentencing the man. To say some of you used if to start your sentences and based on the approach you have proved him guilty without adequate proof. I have no faith in the Jamaican justice system and this is a deliberate stall in the case so the police and witnesses can plan more…….

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