Larger Than Life, Vybz Kartel God-Like Painting Offended Some Dancehall Fans

Larger than life.

While Vybz Kartel fans may love this painting, some dancehall fans find it very offensive.

The photo has been making it’s rounds on social media this week with mix reactions.

A lot of commentors wrote “Free Worl’Boss,” while other expressed their disdain of the depiction.

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The painting, which was inspired by Ingres’s – Jupiter and Thetis, was done by Jamaican born painter Kavion Robinson.

Kartel god painting

According to Robinson, the painting was done over two years ago

“Someone bought this to my attention that a painting I painted over 2years a go is being talked about as controversial,” Robinson said on Facebook. “My answer was I don’t care someone just looking for attention.”

Do you think Vybz Kartel is a god-like figure in dancehall?

Sound off in comments below.


  1. Gaza mi say

  2. He’s not god but he’s great lyrically speaking, some ppl just hating because he’s everything that they would want to be like, GAZA to the worl free worl BOSS

  3. free de boss

  4. Him a nuh god fi dancehall or anything like dat he his the biggest dunce in dancehall. He his daddy devil ,devil do all types of nasty things him need fi hurry up and get him jail time

  5. Free Kartel!!

  6. considering everything that we know about god comes out of the bible some ppl would be offended but when you learn the truth that the god in the bible is a white mans made up god (god=dog) and you wake up to the fact that you have been lied to and oppressed by the bible this wouldn’t offend those who know the truth. it doesn’t offend you to see a white dude depicted as god but it bothers ppl when a black man is? black ppl wake up and learn knowledge of self. every nation has their own image of god but us, we were made in gods image the bible tells you that so why you mad god looks like you? also the bible also tells you that you are a god. god is just a lame term. stop ambushing your ppl because your brain washed with your oppressors religion. look at the name the picture was inspired by Jupiter and Thetis pagan greeks that pic couldn’t depict god even if kartel wasn’t in the pic because the greeks were pagan so explain the problem?

    • GOD’s name is Jehovah, also Yahweh… the bible tells you that… the bible also talks about people modelling themselves as God and being worshipped by others…. we are all children of God but when other start worshipping one as if he’s on par with Yahweh then that’s the problem.. Kartel is supreme being since you have a problem with God…

      • gods name is not jeahovah, the letter j was not put into the English alphabet until the 1600’s. FYI: I DONT BELIEVE IN THE GOD THE WHITE PPL CREATED WITH THE BIBLE. THE BIBLE IS A STORY BOOK USED TO TRICK AND SLAVE PPL.

  7. Ian Dueron Wheatle

    Some Fool Too Dark The Man A God A Dancehall Not God Of life Free Di Gaza general

  8. A di lickle idiot supporters them mek him feel like him a god. dis bleach out bwoy weh no have no morals. God fi which dancehall dat.