STILL BEEFING.. Did Bounty Killer Diss Mavado In “Flip Over” ? [AUDIO]

Yesterday we showed you a new track from Mavado titled “Dem A Try Style Man” which folks are touting to be a Bounty Killer diss track.

Apparently Bounty Killer had first release a track late last month title “Flip Over” that fans are saying is a Mavado diss.

LISTEN: Did Mavado Diss Bounty Killer In “Dem A Try Style Man” ?

So was Mavado responding to this Bounty Killer diss track?

Take a listen to Bounty Killer’s “Flip Over” off the Blurred Line Riddim.

Do you think Bounty Killer is dissing Mavado?

Should they take it to the Sting stage?


  1. bounty career done, him jus a try stay relevant

  2. I think he diss mavado coz song talk

  3. War lord nuff ratings we knw a you make a lot dj knw riches bt u nuffi diss movado becuz him gud yute and him stay loyal to you plus him defend the thing wen world bit@h diss the link. Gully and alliance should be one link

  4. Bounti needs to stay out of crap it’s getting ridiculous Vegas , Anthony B , Tommy Lee
    and many others . I am a big bounty Killer fan .

  5. Bounty Killer this weak. hurt my ears to listen to this garbage. Come on Killer yo can do better than this.