Clive Williams Charged With Shooting With Intent & Illegal Possession Of Gun

Clive “Lizard” Williams, the victim in Vybz Kartel’s murder case, was previously charged with illegal possession of a firearm and shooting with intent.

Williams’ sister broke down in tears on the witness stand in court this morning under cross examination by defense attorneys Tom Tavares-Finson and Miguel Lorne.

NEWS: Vybz Kartel Trial Update: Investigator Says Bloodstain Was In Home

She told the attorneys the her brother had been charged with the two serious offense before he went missing on August 16, 2011.

She was also asked if Clive Williams was friends with Shawn Storm Campbell.

This morning a detective also testified that he found blood stain at the home in Havendale where Williams was allegedly beaten to death.

The trial is currently underway.


  1. It is a possibility that this guy Williams can be beaten but I don’t believe he got killed on that day or by those guys accused

  2. The man dead him would nt run away for so long nobody dnt knw the full hundred kartel is a dunce head teacher one rifle get miss up and u going to video yr self Killing the dude if u a kill him jus kill him and done no need to video dat f—ing idiot babylon need fi show the video and lock him suh him can get back black and get him ten mintes of fame in jail on his break time dj fi the prisoner dem

    • well its obvious u have somethin against him personally for what reason idk. not here to have some form of frivolous banter with u but all i can say is they should jus present the evidence “IF THEY HAVE ANY” and move on. n stop mek the victims sister tek the court fi fool wid har bagga bawlin. i dont think its right to have someone for lockup for 2 years with no evidence. that sh-ts crazy

    • U r a fake as foe u not know di man I will smack the taste out ur mouth fi seh that suck ua mama pussi

  3. Precisely since many people travel on fake passports these days. The fact that he was charged point down the alley of Mr. Williams being a thug, a wrongdoer a person with probably very limited to no moral standing if you might say so.
    A person who sees the need to undertake illegal activities of this sort, relating to guns and ammunition- the intent is almost never good and something is happening behind the scene.
    Tears shed or blood bled should not have nothing to do with a trial but its a pity the case will be decided by a set of lay jury who doesn’t have full knowledge of applying the law and might just use emotional aspects to make a verdict

    • i have mix feelings about this whole thing but what the sister and gf a say dont make no sense at all the timing dont add up

  4. So this guy Clive “Lizard” Williams was a thug so he could have had beef with anyone so anyone could have killed him. Plus was the blood stain belonging to him DNA test could simply prove that. she ask him fi leave the community so he could be anywhere right now in hiding. he might not even be in Jamaica.

    • thats wat i was thinking maybe he was running from someone else and that person caught up to him and killed him .