Rihanna Ditch Drake On Instagram After Hook Up With Zoe Kravitz

Everyone asking are Drake and Zoe Kravitz dating?

The two were spotted out on a date last week and it seems Rihanna might have felt some sort of way and cut things off with Drake.

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Zoe Kravitz, who is the daughter of singer Lenny Kravitz, was spotted inside Drake tour bus before the two were spotted on a dinner date in Venice, California last weekend.

Zoe Kravitz appeared is an actress who also has her own rock band. She recently appeared in X-Men: First Class and Hunger Games.

drake zoe kravitz dating

Drake was also spotted out on a date with Rihanna in Houston Texas last weekend after the Toronto rapper popped up at her concert at the Toyota Center.

riri instagram

Rihanna may have felt betrayed by Drake because she posted an image on Instagram today that says “Either keep it 100 with me, or stay 100 feet away from me.”

Drizzy and Kravitz were also spotted together in Canada recently giving each other some PDA. That prompted a lot of media houses and gossip bloggers to speculate on their relationship status.


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    Drake is a disgusting man. His music sucks. Rihanna, happy you dumped that toad.

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    Zoe Kravitz was never in the Hunger Games. Her father, Lenny, however, was.

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    Both men are wack. But I bet Drake going to make some more songs about Rihanna though. Rihanna can do better than them too.

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    I have lost a lot of respect for drake and don’t like him anymore for what he as done to RiRi Rihanna. I am glad she isn’t with him and especially not chris brown. drake and brown are just as pathetic and stupid ad each other. All I can and am going to say now is RiRi Rihanna you want a real man in your life who doesn’t diss you (in and out of songs) and is a cheating two timing dirty discusting disrespectful discraseful loser(s) like chris brown and drake then RiRi Rihanna Baby Cum And be my one and only beautiful baby girl.

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    LOL fi real

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    LOL I think these guys are afraid to commit to Rihanna given her hoish ways.