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RATCHET: Girl In Dancehall Session Busting It Open With A Block In Her Face [VIDEO]

Remember that photo we showed you last week of a female busting it open in a dancehall session with a building block in her face… Well we now have the video of the entire fiasco.

If the photo disturbed you, the video will disturb you so watch cautiously.

PHOTO: Why This Dancehall Photo Goes Viral Online ?

Getting a good wine in dancehall is so last decade, these days its all about which girl can be the most ratchet.

Watch the video below.


  1. wow….(speechless yet lol)

  2. This is just sensenseless to watch. What man finds it sexy for a woman to mop the streets in booty shorts? Last I checked men like Clean Women. What put a brick on your face? Dancehall has enabled ppl to dance without rythme. Ppl don’t dance no more..

  3. Lasaundra Watson

    Sad, desperate, ratchet all come to mind but ….fun, I don’t think so….

  4. Trying figure out the point of a cement block on the face. How does it tie in with dancing?

  5. Idiots plus tax!!!!

  6. These women disgrace that. Place call. Jamaica,hope you’ll open ur eyes b4 its to late, n start to respect y’all self dress as if u were walking with the almighty,most high!!!

  7. This is disgrace to the Human Society especially the “Females”……… DISGUSTING

  8. God the title of this article make me cringe.These damn southern black Americans with their dumb words.

    • WhenHellFreeze0ver

      So the title of the article makes you cringe…but not the video. I see.

    • Their not even Americans, get your geography right.

      • I was talking about the article title what part of that you can’t understand?! I’m Caribbean and I know the people in the video are as well. I was talking about these mainstream words ratchet,twerk, turnt etc. I left NY two years ago and I can’t recall hearing these words there.

  9. So many in a certain ethnic have so little respect for their own, its disgusting!

  10. Whatever devine

  11. Only in jamaica!!!!! It’s a shame how these young women carrying themselves. Smh..

  12. victim with a purpose

    just a bunch of idiots

  13. Why?