Why This Dancehall Photo Goes Viral Online

Fans might start have to bring their bible and holy water inside the dancehall.

The above photo has gone viral on social media showing a female dancer destroying her body on the dancehall.

“Illuminati taking ova dancehall,” one Urban Islandz fan on Twitter wrote.

“This girl have to be possess by demons cuz why is her head turn all the way around! SMH,” another fan tweeted.

Do you think this girl is possessed?

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  1. Her chest is to the left she only turned the part above

  2. its an optical illusion. clearly, she has turned the upper half of her body around and turned her head. the angle the pic was taken makes it seem like her body is facing one way and her head is facing another.

  3. This is not so true..”..illuminati full blown

  4. illuminti, possessions, demons. ppl pls stop with all the foolishness. just above her shorts is the lower part of her back. its photoshopped plain and simple…stop with all the judgment and propaganda of your own ppl!

  5. seriously if you cant tell its photoshopped im suprised you were smart enough to successfully post a comment.

  6. its a new way of bending over where you twist your upper body..

  7. The girl in this pic is Photoshopped… From the bottom of her shirt and up, we’re viewing her front side, chest and all. While we see the skin of her back and her but with her legs in a normal spit, sort-of… she’s not possessed… the pranksters who Photoshopped it were…

  8. l dont ovastand this pliz can u post a whole clip on dancing that way

  9. why is she not going to olympics .
    this is evil .

  10. this gyal yah mad i noh think nothing rong wit it and dis da creole people belize creole

  11. Signs of illuminati.It is happening

  12. Photoshop and Illuminati my behind. Contortion have been around for centuries and it is becoming prominent in the dancehall world. It is a matter of being flexible.

  13. whether it’s photoshopped or real, its not that big a deal. demons didnt do this, the girl just twisted herself up!! people always wanna make something outta nothing

  14. photo shop all the way to the dancefloor

  15. LOL creepy as f*** she gotta be possessed

  16. this is photo shop her breast dem deh inna har back oh plz cant trick me …. dwight u got it rite ….

  17. its not just her head turned tho, is the whole upper half of her body, watch the pic closely u would see it.

  18. Bloodclaat illuminate coming to destroy dancehall……

  19. Dwight Majestic Thompson

    if u look closely her breast is also in her back

  20. Dwight Majestic Thompson


  21. she has no shadow,duh

  22. photoshop..ya,photoshop.

  23. naah, just flexable cuz her head is not all the way around but cuz her body is turned also it seems that way cuz of the angle the pic is taken from

  24. Worldboss Christopher Marshall

    demond gyal dat