Mr. Vegas Working On New EP Full Off Bounty Killer Diss

Mr. Vegas is making good on his promise to not only defend himself, but to also launch a full out attack on Bounty Killer.

The “Sweet Jamaica” deejay has been getting a lot of praise from his fans after releasing a new diss track aimed at the dancehall legend this week titled “Bury Him Fuss.” Bounty Killer fans have also been pushing back calling the track weak.

NEWS: Mr. Vegas Want To Clash Bounty At Sting “I Am Ready To Slay Goliath”

Mr. Vegas has also publicly stated that he want to clash Bounty Killer at Sting 2013 but so far the Warlord has been quiet.

Bounty Killer and Mr. Vegas

Mr. Vegas new Operation Bury Dem EP

After seeing the overwhelming response to the diss track “Bury Him Fuss,” Mr. Vegas has decided to release a full EP containing on Bounty Killer diss tracks.

Sources close to the “Bruk It Down” deejay told Urban Islandz that most of the songs are already recorded and the new EP Operation Bury Dem will be available for free download soon.

“A them first start the war and now them silent, them only bad pon Twitter,” the source said. “Look out for the new Vegas EP Operation Bury Dem soon it ago hard and wi a give it to the fans free.”

Bounty Killer has yet to respond to Mr. Vegas attacks since their recent fiasco on Twitter.

The decade old feud between the two, reignited this summer when Bounty Killer posted a photo on his Twitter page of Mr. Vegas rocking a retro plaid outfit and afro.

Mr. Vegas bite back at the Alliance deejay calling him an aging dancehall bully. According to Vegas, their beef started over a side chick who both deejays had an affair with.

Do you think Bounty Killer should respond to Mr. Vegas on wax?

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  1. Fish vs the Goat Head, Sparta down kill off bounty

    • Bulls–t, hype is temporary for the underdogs like Waste Crosses/NyammyLee and now Gaygas, eventually they fall like fleas around the big bad Bounty Killer… Dancehall fraternity who voted Killa by miles as the dancehall icon just laugh at this fool Vegas..#jamaicasinting

      • Musically Tommy Lee diss song is best to ever been released since Last Man Standing..

      • Best to ever been released? Last man standing?? No surprises man, that’s how ridiculous all Gaza fans sound.. Gaza have no strength, tuff with a one-liner in a one song but when it comes to standing by your artist you all scatter…

        You can’t compare Bounty Killer with Gaza. It’s Bounty, Beenie, Sizzla, Buju.. after Cat, Ninjaman and Shabba. Dancehall is pure garbage now with one-hit wonders like Nyammy Lee and Gaygas and Anita B..

        All of Gaza put together don’t have the quality of Busy Signal. Bleacher released a 60 track (60 rahtid tracks!!!) album and all now it doan sell 400 copies worldwide…

        Diss song? hehe….mi a real Killa fans, das why when dem seh ICON a simple results dat…

      • Icon is an icon, but he had his run… look how much views Tommy Lee song get and goat head still can’t respond but he keep chasing the fish who make nuttin but dancing songs.

      • So what that Nyammy Lee have views? That’s all he has, does it make him better than….. who really???? Nobody.

        You can’t compare views of a 2013 artist with an artist who had a decade of the baddest songs when youtube and smartphones with internet wasn’t around. You don’t know the type of artist Killa is… Killa don’t run down radio play, music videos or every riddim put out that 20 artists deh pon. But then every big stageshow must have Killa if you want crowd, learn dat!!

        Respond to Nyammy Lee? hehehehe. Chase fish?? Youth, yuh nuh know nutten bout Killa suh stick to yuh likkle Gaza fool dem.

        A nuff a dem grudge Killa because the man a real 5 star general inna dancehall and dem can only dream about going to the levels that he has gone to.

        A one ting fools like Kartel can’t erase..and that is, without Bounty Killer he wouldn’t be nothing