Bounty Killer Says He Won’t Respond To Mr. Vegas, Maybe Not Anthony B

Everybody want a piece of the Bounty Killer, after all this is the season for clash.

Both Mr. Vegas and Anthony B have released diss tracks aimed at the Alliance deejay this week. But while Mr. Vegas track was warrant given their history, the one from Anthony B caught everyone off guard.

DETAILS: Shots Fired.. Anthony B Diss Bounty Killer, Beenie & Elephant Man

The dancehall warlord has remained silent since the two tracks hit dancehall airwaves, but one of his reps told Urban Islandz on Wednesday that fans can forget about a response to Mr. Vegas.

“The general hear the track and just laugh and a ask what is that,” the rep said. “Killer is not going to respond to that foolishness. Obviously Gaygas a look a hype with him Christmas song.”

When asked about Anthony B, the rep says it has not reached Bounty Killer ears, at least not yet.

“We are not aware of this diss track from the bobo, but if that’s the case then anything a anything,” the rep told us.

LISTEN: Mr. Vegas Diss Bounty Killer In “Bury Him Fuss”

Killer can ignore Mr. Vegas and most of us would care less, but he might can’t do the same for Anthony B, who called him out by name in a new track titled “Party & Broke.”

Do you think Bounty Killer should respond to Mr. Vegas and Anthony B?

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  1. #Team Alliance fi life

    Dis a joke, killa nuh need fi prove himself to nuh bwoy or gyal. Him stand as him name says WARLORD. Use common sense non observant ppl, him never back from the self proclaim bully dem inna the business, so why him need fi waste time pon waste man…. Bossy clash ppl who clash worthy and likely fi put up a real challenge, not fashion bobo and other transvestites… unno think him is a fashion clash clown, lyrics and delivery we seh when we seh clash. btw, unno fi memba say a nuh him say him nuh want clash kartel a kartel nuh want clash him. BIG UP THE GENERAL *5 STAR*.


    killa start war and when the yute find the courage fi write a diss song ,him nuh badda want clash lol i rate killer as a veteran but this mek him look fool str888 ,everybody know seh duppy know who fi frighten if vybz kartel was free bounty killer wouldn’t even try fi diss him ,so u pick fight wid vegas thinking him wouldnt respond but now di man a do a full ep lol

    • A you a fool. Killa start which war? Unuh likkle Gaza fools don’t have a clue about music, das why Bleacher can release a 60 track CD and can’t sell 500 copies all now!! Cause a bare garbage on it!! Clash wid Vegas?? A disrespect yah disrespect Bounty Killer. It’s a given dat Gaygas dead aready. If Kartel was free? Eediat, Killer have more fans than Gully, Gaza and half of the dancehall fraternity put together, where in Jamaica can Vybes Kartel defeat Bounty Killer on any stage? Where fool?

  3. killer is the greatest just ignore dem fools

  4. Dem a baby too the killa a sin fi kill dumb animal nuh bowy cyha walk weh the warlord walk

  5. BObo,stop desrespecting WARlord

  6. Kirkland Jason Edwards

    Like anthony b clearly fi get ah name bounty killer… tell the say bobbo fortylegs in a locks, but him dead this time… f@#king fool

  7. Yea man the dutty head bobo can dead but but killa fi use one shot kill the fish.

  8. Bounty Killer love trace pon Twitter so him need fi respond. If Killer no respond him weak and we ago see him a just a Twitter badman

    • Duppy, Killer dun respond already. Worse you ano Killa fans and real Killa fans know seh Vegas ano nuh bady fi respond to, suh gwey…

  9. Dread boy dnt dis the war lord the general fi dancehall Vegas and Lexus a dem bow