Did Rihanna Copy Karrueche Tran Halloween Costume ? [PHOTO]

Rihanna is usually the trend setter but this time the Bajan pop star is under fire for copying Chris Brown’s girlfriend Karrueche Tran.

Rihanna stepped out last night for Halloween wearing a Latina gangster outfit. But this comes two days after Karrueche Tran wore an almost identical costume.

PHOTO: Rihanna Gets Some Henna Art Tattoo On Her Hand

“My chola name was #ShyGirl,” Rihanna captioned one photo.

This was Karrueche Tran on Tuesday night out partying with some friends for Halloween.

Karrueche Tran halloween

On Thursday night Rihanna wore this outfit. Perhaps she is mocking Karrueche or maybe she is just making a statement that I am badder.

Karrueche Tran fans are going in on Rihanna on Twitter and Instagram over the outfit.

Rihanna halloween 2

We thought this rivalry was over and done with but clearly its nowhere near.

Karrueche Halloween 2013

Rihanna and Melissa Halloween



  1. Lol assinine posters. Check yr info. Midget shaded RI by wearing crop-over outfit. RI repays compliment & kills her. Too easy. Vietsian too simple. & trying to get RI’s attention to stay relevant. Must get tiring for Bajan bc she’s forever trying for upmanship with RI. Her fans should get her another host job. Too much time on her hands with ATM trying to shake her off. LOL

  2. Rih-diculous! She copied karrueche. For those who say Rih is throwing shade, it just goes to show that Rihanna got karrueche on the brain. Lol! Maybe she should move on with life instead of stalking karrueches IG.

    • siddiqah williams

      shut the f–k up you stupid bastard you dont know any thing ok? got it done kerru is copying rirri so get it straight you stupid a$$ idiots you fu—ng a$$ dont know sh-t

  3. How Stupid are some of you. Don’t you get it, Rihanna is throwing Shade at Karrueche Tran. She is mocking Karrueche you idiots!

  4. Karruche is classier even as a gangster – yeah riri copied :) she needs to move on karruche has….

    • You are just as Dumb as your comment. Don’t get that Rihanna is throwing shade, Dumb Azz!

      • Why would she waste her time throwing shade, or mimicking – AFTER ALL SHE HAS PEOPLE LIKE YOU TO DO SO – SHE IS WORTH 90 MIL – RIGHT –
        Karruche is still classier all the way around

      • siddiqah williams

        no she is not you fool

  5. cant y’all see that riri is mimicking karru…dwrl

    • siddiqah williams

      no she is not karru is copying riri ok get it right before you start typing ok ? get it straight home girl

  6. Under fire? are you all stupid or crazy? please as much as that little Asian boy tries to copy Rihanna? Please stop the foolishness.