Fantan Mojah Makes A Strong P.S.A In New Single

Accomplished Reggae singer, Fantan Mojah has teamed with fast-rising producer, Nicko Rebel Music to create a new P.S.A aimed at shaking the foundations of our ever convoluted system.

The Hungry singer and the Florida-based hit maker released their new single; an examination of the politics and strife that have affected Jamaican people for a long time. P.S.A is a hard-hitting lyrical onslaught on the negativity that has held Jamaica back for many years, stating that the ‘slackness a gwaan from long time and the people dem just don’t know.’

“Dem a talk bout don, politician dem start it, now dem wan fi tek di ghetto ute dem fi target, from di morgue to di cemetery, a dat dem market,” are just some of the sharpshooting lyrics Fantan Mojah fires as he calls for an end to the crippling corruption Babylon has systematically impose on its people.

While pointing out the long list of ills, Fantan calls on the youths to learn from this lack of guidance and become invested in the right forms or education necessary to trump these daily obstacles.

This P.S.A features Fantan in a fiery state of mind on bass-pounding instrumentals that help the singer to drive home the many points this song offers.

P.S.A is now available for purchase on iTunes and makes for must-listen for it musical content and its deep context.