Like a becon on the mountain
Shining through like the rising sun
So shall it be for the faithful
The one’s who never stop till the work is done

We grind cause the system
Does not favor the come on man
But we shall reap the riches
Plenty full like the grain of sands

(Verse 1)
Wi no quit when wi a struggle
Man a fighter from wi born
Wifey haffi ask cause from a hustling mi gone
Broke and touch the road mi no come in till dawn
So when mi seh send on, you better send it on
Screw them mother ever seh wi use wi like a pawn
At’s all about the money now a that wi a demand
Ain’t looking for no trouble but a years that a gwaan
So meck wi turn it on, the light inna the storm

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
I got the spirit of a fighter
Never ever quit
Waan my future to be brighter
Tired a the sh–
Run weh the politician them caw none a them no fit
Wi have to look out fi wi self and defend our benefit
Yow show mi the light, I wanna see the light
Brother, show mi the light, I wanna see the light
Yes, don’t wanna fight, don’t really wanna fight
Just show mi the light, and meck it shine bright

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Yow if a devil thing wi burn it
Politics wi done it
Years a mi oppressor but a time wi overcome it
The use them politics fi try divide wi
But wi shun it
Wi meck wi own a rules, a our place a we a run it
So tell them a unity the war naw work
So man a live in unity wid down kerk
Jung list go Rema and go watch woman a twerk
And Matches Lane and Gordon stop fight ova turf

(Repeat Chorus)


  1. couple of edits needed? “Does not favor the come on man” = “Does not favour the common man”
    “Run weh the politician them caw none a them no fit” = “Run with the politician, them can honour them nothing”

    “sorry for any pedantic changes in spelling, consider the wording i use as a ‘white british’ translation

  2. The common man* obvious lyric mistake