Fashion Fail.. Mr. Lexx And That Sneaker

Mr. Lexx took the popular dancehall slang “fashion over style” a bit too serious.

Twitter is blowing over a sneaker the “Walk Out” deejay debut this week.

Lexx is known for his edgy fashion sense and his classic single “Cook.” But did he went too far with this sneaker or was it a hit?

Sound off in comments below.


  1. Sorry Vegas is behind this sneakers came out a long time .Ryan wore the ones with the wings in the Olympics.Jah cure , Beenie man , shaggy and Sean Paul dresses way better than Vegas.I know the European fashion market very well.Beyonce , Rhianna and Kim has the fashion game lock in the US.

  2. Aren’t those for kids lol.

  3. The ones with the wings look better

  4. its a hit.

  5. fresh

  6. Oshane ZeroNugent Barclay

    ummm dem sneakers deh a jeremy scott adidas that glow in the dark and cost just as much as jordans. those are new age stylish and not for the conventional sneaker wearer. there’s so many more like it and beyond. so if u ask me no he didn’t fail he actually hit on this fashion DO!

  7. Christopher Shakespeare

    Those are some fresh kicks though.