Rihanna Spotted Wearing Chris Brown Gold Necklace [PHOTO]

They called it quits in April of this year but Rihanna seems to be missing Chris Brown already.

The Bajan pop beauty was spotted out last night in New York City wearing a gold necklace given to her by Chris Brown.

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RiRi dressed casual in a black T-Shirt and blue jeans with the Christian Lacroix necklace around her neck.

Chris Brown and Rihanna 1

Brown gave Rihanna the necklace when they rekindled their relationship late last year. She posted a photo on Instagram showing it off back in December 2012 and also was spotted wearing it to a Lakers game with Breezy.

Rihanna chris brown gold chain

Rihanna and Nicki Minaj are also rumored to have hooked up recently. Neither of the two Caribbean pop stars have commented on the rumors.

Rihanna gold necklace



  1. Its hers he gave it to her so why not wear it.

  2. Rihanna and Nicki Minaj – LOL! Almost fell off th ebed laughing my a$$ off! Puhlease! ((stupse))