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Sean Kingston Allegedly Gang Rape Female, Slapped With Lawsuit

Reggae pop star Sean Kingston is facing a new lawsuit that alleges that he gang rape a drunk teenager.

According to TMZ, a female name Carissa Capeloto, filed a lawsuit against the singer claiming he, his bodyguard and a member of his band gang raped her back in 2010 in his hotel room while she was drunk.

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Capeloto — who has sued all 3 men — alleges she’d been invited to Kingston’s hotel room for a meet-and-greet following a Bieber concert — where Kingston had also performed — but when she showed up … Kingston was waiting naked on his bed.

Capeloto claims the bodyguard picked her up and placed her on top of Kingston, and all three of the men proceeded to gang rape her while she was “obviously intoxicated, incapable of consent.”

Carissa Capeloto want $5 million for compensation.

Sean Kingston has filed his own legal documents claiming that the sex was consensual.



  2. Carmelo Santiago

    Why 3 yrs later thats bullsh-t just want money

  3. looool so this happen from 2010 and she just coming forward now? lol this case probably not even going to reach court.

  4. Chuck ForeverStar Simba

    Mmmmm Mr Kingston.