Nicki Minaj Looks Nice Without Makeup In Her Real Hair [PHOTO]

Nicki Minaj is one of few celebrities to show us the real them.

Behind all the makeup and colorful wigs is a pretty face. The Young Money femcee like to doll up for her fans and for the waiting paps, but ever so often she gives us a glimpse of what she look like waking up in the mornings.

Nicki Minaj And Cash Money Founders Honored At BMI Awards

Nicki Minaj recently collaborated with dancehall star Mavado on a new single titled “Give It All To Me.”


  1. she looks so much better without all that gunk

  2. she looks so much better without all that gunk

  3. You can still tell the top one is a wig by her side burns … but okay “real” hair

  4. Olivia Goodtostay Grant

    she look 100% real without the make up.

  5. Just love this chick.

  6. Stephen Predictabubble Harvey

    she seems a lot whiter.

  7. natural is best!, keep stage for stage, off stage be yourself like the picture,

  8. Devon Maurice Thomas

    She’s a Trini that’s why..

  9. yep that’s y she’s awesome.

  10. OMG! She is Beautiful! Skin and all.