Vybz Kartel Ft Busta Rhymes & T Pain – You Already Know Lyrics

(Verse 1 – Vybz Kartel)
Good pu**y gyal, yuh drive mi insane
Buckle up mi a crash inna yo lane
Tek it off, imagine a plane
Back it up pon di run away train

Mi got di marihuana inna mi brain
Every blood inna mi vane have a little champagne
Bleach out whiter than cocaine
And mi full up a tattoo similar to little Wayne

Pretty gyal, come fi di sugar cane
C**key smart whenever yo gimmi brains
Money rain, money hurricane
A world boss and a Gaza mi name

Mi go a hell but mi cures di flame
My rappa, pam, pam, mi no haffi explain
Big up shorty mi baby, mi main frame
But mi full a gyal from Portmore to white flames

(Chorus – T Pain)
Put it one me, go on show me how you work
Shorty, shorty, you can make that buddy twerk
Already know, already know
Already know, already know

Girl move that thing left to right
You fing with the best tonight
Better hold on tight
You already know, already know
Already know, already know
Already know

(Verse 2 – Busta Rhymes)
It’s busta Bus, am coming like di apocalypse
Am putting this d**K in the back of your bi–h esophagus
Am fing bi–hes wid asses bigger than a brontosaurus
You think you nice than me that she should do di preposterousu

Ok see you already know what di call is
You already know who di boss is
You already know what di scorches
The way am bending down yo bi–h when she comes inside a my office
Get low Bus, don’t touch any of my bi–hes you bastard
You know they had to get di Gad to come and visit di classic
Little Mama s*ck me off until she needed some chop stick
Cant do this angry fing, he already getting his ass kick
To tell di truth I think you better respect it
And when am leaving all di bi–hes follow me out the exit
When it’s World Boss, Busta Buss, T Pain drama
We continue to saga

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3 – T Pain)
You jiggling
Go and shake it for the king
Your the industry bi–h
I’ll be lying if I say it in the back of my mind
I wasn’t trying to get my hands on them titties and sh–
I’ll be rocking and rocking up
Ain’t no stopping us
Stopping and go on hop in the drag top masara tatata
Am too popular, famous for Aritica
Am not leaving with the bi–h, I lead the whole flock a them

Top nat and you know I top tax
My euring chicks mess in ma pop rock
You must think you some kind a hot shot going on hot date
To get a hot dinner then give her the hot top
Then why not?
It’s dipping in my blood, gimmi blood
Gimmi 50,000 and I might get the job done
Cause am o take it pin your ass down
Better act like you know mi

(Repeat Chorus)