Vybz Kartel – School Lyrics

So mi seh pull up yo pant’s and put hi pon yo waist
And tuck in yo shirt, and don’t bleach yo face
Inna my days that mi a meditate
So mi study fi di test, mi no procrastinate
Early to school, mi no have time to late
Sit down inna exam, am I the great
Mi no get nothing less than 98
When school door open mi never avoid di gate

(Verse 1)
School youth unuh pant’s too tight
This a no, no, no, no, dancing dynamite
Meck yo mother proud, yuh no si how shi fight
Don’t be a donse head, be a top flight
Yo no si mi intelligent, yo no si mi bright
Eloquence, mi speeches haffi recite
Ask any teacher inna mi old school
Dem wi tell yo seh mi brain higher than a satellite

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Kerchief inna yo two back pocket
A no pen yuh a flash it, yuh deh, deh, a flash ratchet
Yuh mussi no care how mummy would a feel
If yo end up inna casket, inna black jacket
Police no ramp fi search yuh, search yuh
Yuh a walk like seh yuh have a mck 11 matic
Weed yuh fi drop it, don’t be a drugs addict
Yuh fi aim fi go college, never yuh fi got it

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
School girl listen teacher talk
Unuh skirt no fi meck so short
Don’t break unuh mothers heart
How yuh fi waan bread and yo life no start
Sex a no supn fi yo run down
Yeh mi know yuh a si yo period
But yuh still is a child, yuh no ready fi no child
Just be a good girl, don’t be bad

(Repeat Chorus)



  2. Sabrina So Sick Daley

    a the fust him a sing a more educated song…it a shot stillz!!!

  3. one of many good songs he sang.