Spice Says She Still Love Mavado, And Lady Saw Need Jesus [VIDEO]

Dancehall diva Spice says she still has love for Mavado despite their recent feud over a collaboration called “Cheat On Me.”

Speaking with Anthony Miller of Entertainment Report, Spice says she was in fact very mad but is now over it.

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“I was kind of mad at the producer for putting me in such a situation without Mavado’s knowledge and without my knowledge,” Spice said. “If I see him its always love… he is somebody that I love and I am a fan and I am still going to be a fan and I am still going to support his music.”

Spice also opened up about the bitter feud between Lady Saw and Spice. According to the “Romping Shop” collaborator, Lady Saw need Jesus.

“That Lady Saw and Macka Diamond feud I don’t want to believe that it is true because its from a was a little kid Lady Saw been eating food in the music business,” Spice said. “She need Jesus.”

Watch the interview below.


  1. she sounds better than lady saw.

  2. spice you need to behave like a lady and stop heing the vyrago you are, you don’t only need jesus, u need alah, budha, jah, sela$$ie, mary, gabriele, all the devil need fi kick u a$$ out a hell which would be some added help- no wonder u in blue cause u searching for a clue- (blues clues a fi pitny).