Spice Called Mavado Petty, “Its Because I Did A Collabo With Kartel”

Mavado and Spice just released a new collaboration titled “Cheat On Me.”

But now it appears a bitter feud is brewing between the two dancehall stars over the release of the song.

According to Mavado, the producers snubbed his artist ShakOne when they released the single with Spice vocals.

NEWS: Mavado Is Angry, Says Producer Snubbed His Artist ShakOne

“No disrespect to Spice whatso-ever,” Mavado said. “Me and Spice have been cool for years and she’s a great artiste, but the record was never intended for her to be on it.”

Spice, who was on tour in Europe, recently returned to Jamaica and fired back at Mavado calling his anger pety.

This is what Spice told the Star:

“I just came back from my European tour and I’m mad at the producers for making me do a collab with Mavado without his knowledge. Now that I’m back, I am hearing all sorts of stories, and I just want it to be known that I was not aware of any other artiste or artistes who were supposed to be on the track except Mavado. I was hired to fill in a blank track with Mavado’s voice only, and I wrote my own lyrics and filled in the missing parts.”

“I am now hearing that Mavado is trying to sabotage the track and that he didn’t want to collab with me because I did a collab with Kartel. That is so petty. All of this negative energy is unnecessary to me right now, because I literally just landed and I have a lot of track deadlines to meet for other people before I leave the island again.”

“I don’t want Mavado to think for one minute that I hijacked the song, because that isn’t the case. This is an issue he should be discussing with the relevant production parties and should have handled the situation differently. And even though he’s in the streets and online saying things, I’m going to be diplomatic and I’m still gonna support his music and I wish him all the best.”

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  1. Cut the crop you both, you both are great Jamaican artistes, not bad callab.

  2. kip de love spice……gully 4ever.

  3. u all are missing the point, no producer can release a song with an artist as big as mavado without his knowledge, and even if that was the case, he should talk to the producer and spice directly, and refrain from making comments that is not going to help her career.

  4. I doubt Mavado was blaming Spice for the whole thing. but this whole ca$$ ca$$ look petty. unnu do some music.

  5. see.ignorance…where in that did mavado send offensive comments about spice? she jus hear couple people a road seh couple things and start run off har mouth. kmt….humbleness is d only way.

  6. spice a idiot caa tek her she jus lub blabla her big old tired mouth she need fe go back a school.and listen gud weh the man say……………..