Vybz Kartel Trial Update: Jury Hears Testimony From Investigators

Vybz Kartel high profile murder trial gets underway today in the Home Circuit Court.

Both prosecution and defense gave their opening statements before the prosecution called their first witness, the crime scene investigator.

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During his testimony, the investigator paint a gruesome crime scene picture where the bullet riddle body of Barrington “Bossie” Burton lay on the side of the roadway in a pool of blood.

Vybz Kartel along with Nigel Thompson and Lenburgh McDonald, who are all charged with Burton’s murder, were all in court for the trial.

Initial police report states that the accused men shot and killed Burton along Walkers Avennue in Gregory Park, St. Catherine in July of 2011.

If convicted Vybz Kartel could face life imprisonment.


  1. State witness..stupid people in a court, who is a witness? A person that has seen. How can the state call up a crime scene investigator to paint a scenario if that person was not there? Apparently then, that person is probably an accomplice……. This case is already tried, the prosecutors had months to plana nd to ensure that every legal loophole is closed what the attorneys may have to do, not look for loop holes anymore but instead record and listen attentively the entire court proceeding and then after court analyse anything the prosecution put forward so in the nick of time they can have the lies and real plot come to the fore………. GOD BLESS KARTEL.

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  4. And the state witness happens to be a crime scene investigator………..not an “eye” witness………….too much conspiracy in this trial……..i doubt Addidjah will ever see daylight………….

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  7. Rolando I-Medz Thomas

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