Mavado Is Angry, Says Producer Snubbed His Artist ShakOne

Mavado and Spice are rocking the Jamaican airwaves with their new duet “Cheat On Me.”

However, Mavado is not all that happy about the final product.

LISTEN: Mavado Ft. Spice – Cheat On Me [New Music]

According to the Gully Gad, the producer of the single snubbed his artist ShakOne, who vocals was originally intended to be on the “Cheat On Me.”

This is what Mavado told the Star:

“No disrespect to Spice whatso-ever,” Mavado said. “Me and Spice have been cool for years and she’s a great artiste, but the record was never intended for her to be on it.”

“ShakOne a my artiste and me say me a help buss her as a young unknown female in the business and the man dem just take her off the record and didn’t say a word to me. I doubt Spice is even aware of the whole story because I am sure she remembers the days of being a young artiste trying to get a break, as I do. So for anybody to take off an artiste off a song is a big disrespect.”

“I have too much respect for Spice to think she would knowingly do that. Imagine as a young artiste you feel like you might buss now because you have a song with Mavado, and then you turn on your radio and hear someone else singing instead of you?”

Mavado said he is not blaming Spice and has no grudges against the producer.

The single “Cheat On Me” is rumored to be co-produced by Bankylous Production and Big A of Irie FM.

ShakOne is signed to Mavado’s label Mansion Records.