Macka Diamond Breaks Silence On Leaked Explicit Pics, “Woman Want It To”

Macka Diamond is doing damage control today after a few photos was leaked to Urban Islandz last weekend showing her getting oral from a male.

According to the dancehall diva, the photos were not meant to be released, however, she is quite okay with them.

NEWS: Macka Diamond Accidentally Tweet Out Freaky Photos

The photos was taken as part of the promotion of her new single “Twist Me” which is a follow up to her latest smash hit “Dye Dye.”

This is what Macka Diamond told the Star:

“We did two versions, one for the TV and one for Internet purposes,” Macka said. “I shot the video because I knew I was leaving. Basically, a lot of the camera people were told not to leak the pictures. We didn’t expect anybody to leak the pictures. We didn’t need to send out any pictures before ’cause the video would speak for itself.”

“A lot of men were willing to come up front and do it. He was one of our choices. We wanted someone who felt comfortable playing the part,” Macka added.

“We haffi defend the women part of it. You have females out there who love to get it. Is just hearing things on the road and just balancing the thing. It’s hypocrisy. You have to have someone who can stand up for the women.”

The photos was removed from Urban Islandz due to there overly explicit ratings.


  1. blablablalala… wat fu–in next! macka

  2. Sharon 'Shazz' Nembhard

    I feel sorry for you Macka, that you need pornography to sell your songs…you need to retire gracefully. Gracefully surrender the things of youth, nobody needs you to defend your life in your bedroom. smdh

  3. agreed boss kalonji. blessing

  4. Those Pictures was Batty ting..