Macka Diamond Accidentally Tweet Out Freaky Photos

Update: Photos removed for being too explicit. We apologise for the inconvenience to our users.

Macka Diamond trying to outdo Konshens and Rain Seville.

Dancehall has been coming under scrutiny of over the last couple of months for being too freaky.

VIDEO: Macka Diamond Confirmed She Was Poisoned, Talked “Dye Dye”

Now Macka Diamond is taking the new dancehall trend to a whole new level.

The above photos were tweeted out via the dancehall diva’s official Twitter page.

Your comments below.


  1. Lol..adults really interested in what sex other people is having.

  2. Macka diamond gwaan like she hypa tan nuh bady else weh she nuh gguh sidung she nuh c she too old bout 40 n fabulous kmrct!

  3. You can tell whose mind is accustom to living in the gutter and loving it, and those who seek to lift one out of it, knowing that it is not the place to be in.

  4. Anyone who has the photos pliz send ’em to me.

  5. Swanky Darky Crystal

    kmt I really wanted to see that, some one send a link.

  6. somethings better keep to yourself girl….

  7. Philipe New YuteSpaydz Mcfarlane

    nah go a deh yard deh go look nuh dinner, nasty nuh f**k lil bow kitchen.

  8. Jeneisha Sunshine Heaven

    an as you can see in the picture on the stove her clothes goes all the way down to her vagina, this is so immature, what a coincident maka is all dressed up and the yard bwoy look like trash obviously the spot light is targeted at maka smh the things people do to be noticed.

  9. Jeneisha Sunshine Heaven

    This is no accident, who the heck took the pictures then, I just think this is a publicity stunt!

  10. somebody took the pic, come on, its no mistake…

  11. somebody took the pic, come on, its no mistake…

  12. somebody took the pic, come on, its no mistake…

  13. PLease take that off ,so it wont be on my link.

  14. The man having is dinner! lol.

  15. The inside of those thighs is looking kind of ashy. o.O. There’s nothing tasteful about these photos, but then again, she isn’t really a tasteful, high cla$$ type of person :/

  16. Jovon Singerboy Nelson

    who a hold the camera.

  17. Look like Macka ah bleach

  18. Wanda Smith- Colbert

    So what’s the problem?

  19. Wanda Smith- Colbert

    So what’s the problem?

  20. hold on deh… o swear seh a fancy kat.

  21. Sharon 'Shazz' Nembhard

    Yup, sheee’s desperate! Reporter! the term is “outdo” and will absolutely less cla$$ too! She should’ve paid a professional photographer for the fact is this is pornography and there is nothing soft about it. These damn dinosaurs in the dancehall!

  22. bwoy macka it crawny cause you fat dem just ugh! wheew! it naw pencil out the man ave a right fi keep him face down there so no one can see him.

  23. Ish dem dancehall artist ya a do fi get a hype.

  24. This is fu—y…Unnaturally.

  25. do wat u want to do ah!

  26. Eeehe jus had fi sey sumtn mi muss ah slow cah first tyme mi seet or hear of it , from cake soap bleaching to money Pull Up ina Dance sum wud go home broke jus fi save face to mek it look like dem money Nuff , too now porn live ina di dance if dis di new trendz I kno sey my man nah guh dweet. Macka Diamond no eazy. !

  27. Niecka Minaji-twahi

    macka u fi be a Jamaican role model not a old porn star u nuh mek it u crawing an old.
    dnt u hve grand children dem diapers dnt need changing.

  28. Carlton Rukushitokata

    I don’t think she “accidentally” tweet dem.. hype she a look.

  29. I don’t think she “accidentally” tweet dem.. hype she a look.

  30. I love it. I like my kisses down low.