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Ce’Cile Defends Bunny Wailer Against Snoop Lion Onslaught

Not many reggae/dancehall stars are getting involved in the ongoing beef between Snoop Lion and Bunny Wailer.

However, the outspoken Ce’Cile is making her stands on the issue.

NEWS: Snoop Lion Roars At Bunny Wailer, “You wasn’t the sh*t in Wailers”

Last month Snoop Lion made some scathing remarks about Bunny Wailer during an interview with Rolling Stone.

Snoop’s comments did not sit well with Ce’Cile who sound off on Twitter.

This is what Ce’Cile said on Twitter:

“Jump up ina Rastsa bizniz an a diss Rasta, a wa do snoop dog.”

“U caa call u self no LION an come diss BUNNY WAILER round ere! Caz a use u a use Rasta! Mi a bun snoop dog straight fi dat!”

“Yes Snoop Dog friend of the Marleys who used to have women on LEASH (oonu memba dat) Bout u a come diss BUNNY Wailer!! Fire bun u snoop dog!” (Ce’Cile Twitter)

Snoop Lion reggae album Reincarnated debut at the top of the reggae Billboard chart.


  1. I had high hopes for this transformation from dog to lion, being an old fan and all. But at the end, Snoop showed his true colors. I’m disappointed. From Snoop Lion to Poop Lion!

  2. Michael Tod Baxter

    bunny wailer is right. there was too much confusion in rasta before this and snoop only made it worse. ce’cile she is a fine young woman keep speaking the truth empress.

  3. Snoop Dogg… your music is like the “gra$$ that is cut down and withers like corn”… Forgotten.

    Back way with your ism and schism!

    The Wailers music is spirit and lives forevermore….

  4. snoop has to respect dem ras pipo.

  5. Speech Freedom

    Bunny Wailer has not get the recognition he deserves and that’s disgusting .Jamaica needs to honor the man .

  6. Speech Freedom

    I don’t have a problem with Cecile sticking up for Bunny , she is a strong black woman .At the end of the day Bunny started this mess .I don’t have no problem with Snoop people needs to leave him alone .What if America turn their backs on all Jamaicans in the US.There are so many artistes who is not Jamaican who is so rich off reggae and they contribute to nothing .

  7. ce’cile you wrong fe a use the man pa$$ to judge his present behaviour give snoop lion a break, jah said who’s wid out sin fling z first stone..and there’s notthing wrong with a MAN WITH MORE THAN 1 WOMAN OR WIVES MEN WERE MADE FOR THAT EVER WONDER WHY THERE ARE MORE WOMEN THAN MEN?// YOU WILL NEVER SEE 1 MAN TO A WOMAN EQUALLY…THINK ABOUT IT.

  8. Newton Lawrence

    maybe I am old fashion but I respect my elders and will not stop doing that.

  9. Snogg Dogg is not a Rasta, but a flaming fake fraud, trying to infertrate Rasta livity.. Burn dat sell-out straight 2 HELL!

  10. babylon love to see the black race fight as babylon name god creation because of the texture of hair and skin color. we all are god creation, share the same oxygen to breathe every corner of the earth, water to purity the body, food for engery. the wealth of the earth belong to god. god send human to the earth with only three tickets mother womb-earth- death. god will take back the soul and the free choice and the worms will eat satan flesh. blessing , peace , love, positive for the creation of god.

  11. Maddflex Antohny Stash

    cecile go sey down and lowe di mon ting.