I-Octane Talks Snoop Lion Legitimacy, Reggae Culture + Live Performance [VIDEO]

I-Octane is among several reggae/dancehall stars who welcomes Snoop Lion to the genre.

Unlike Bunny Wailer, I-Octane feels its a good look for reggae to have someone as iconic as Snoop singer reggae music.

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The “My Life” singjay was in the Hot 97 studio last week speaking with Cipha Sound where he opens up about Snoop Lion reggae transformation, how he gets the name I-Octane, the state of reggae music and more.

“I am a very energetic individual pertaining to music you know that’s how the name I-Octane came about,” I-Octane said. “Outside of that I am a very humble individual, always trying to stay positive.”

I-Octane says artists such as Snoop Lion coming into reggae motivates him to be more business minded about the music.

“Sometimes when I link up with other artists am always like look at what Snoop did, and people always out of different genre fusing their brand with reggae music and also make a good spin on reggae music itself. So I always say look at it from that perspective, we need to be more business minded. Come out of the little circle and try to think outside the box. So its a good look that a next individual can come and show what is missing.”

“I am not the one to look at him and say he is not real… but from the Jamaican perspective it seems like its just a business, because often times people come and say we are Rastas but at the end of the day its just a business. But you can’t box everyone because often times people come and they are real. But because people been through that situation over the years it takes a while to prove yourself to that particular group of people. I wouldn’t say Snoop is not a Rasta because its not about the hair and the image, its about whats within your soul.”

Watch the full interview below and his performance.