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Rihanna Surprised Her BFF In Bed On Her Birthday [PHOTO]

Rihanna treats all her friends like family especially her BFF Melissa Forde.

The Bajan pop beauty surprised Forde yesterday with a birthday cake while she was still in bed.

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“Today is one of the most important days of my life. The day my sister was born!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY M$$,” Rihanna wrote.

“Time to get this b**** @mforde11 out the bed!!! Wooooiiiiiiiiiii @mforde11 WAKE UP!!! It’s your birthday heaux!!!!”

Rihanna and Melissa Forde birthday

Rihanna uploaded the photos on Instagram showing her wrapped up in a fuchsia pink silk robe and Melissa Forde still in bed.

Rihanna and Chris Brown 042013

Rihanna also tweeted out another photo with Chris Brown showing that the two are working out their issues.

Rihanna BFF Melissa birthday

Rihanna and Melissa

Rihanna 12042013


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  1. does she really does these things? wow who would have known.