T-Pain Cuts His Iconic Dreads, Sport New Look [PHOTO]

T-Pain is tired of being a Nappy.

The auto-tune rapper cut his iconic dreads over the Easter Weekend. He made the announcement on Twitter before posting some photos on his Instagram.

“Mid cut < ~ couldn't find the dude version of this but. Yea," T-Pain tweeted.

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“Go to YouTube. Search for “T-Pain Know Thy Self” to find out more,” T-Pain added on Twitter.

T-Pain also announced that he is working on his upcoming album titled Stoicville.

T-Pain new look

“The name of my album is Stoicville: The Phoenix To me, a Phoenix represents new beginnings. A new era. A new life. I’m rising from the ashes,” T-Pain wrote on Twitter.

t-pain cutting dreads

T-Pain hair