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Busy Signal Talks Firing Shane Brown And Hiring His Brothers [VIDEO]

Busy Signal stopped by Onstage last weekend to discuss with Winford Williams his recent decision to fire Shane Brown as his manager.

According to the Turf Music deejay, Shane Brown and him had a verbal agreement to take on his management duties, but he has now decided to incorporate those duties under his company Turf Music Entertainment.

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“From ever since me and Shane had a verbal agreement after I ran away Julian I was on my own for a period of time,” Busy Signal said. “Then I met Shane Brown, I knew Shane as an engineer and a producer at Juke Boxx his own company. So at the time I turned Shane into a manager so it was a verbal thing from those time to take up my thing and just manage it.”

Busy Signal says he made the decision to axed Shane, who has been managing his career since 2007, because he want to have 100% control over his career and personal life.

“My thing reach to a level where I just need a hands-on, hundred percent overall about my thing,” Signal explain.

Busy also added that his brothers have flew down from overseas to lend their support.

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“My brothers you know they are here ready to support the team with Turf Music Entertain under my regime and under my umbrella,” Signal added.

Busy also assured fans that there is no bad blood between himself and Shane Brown.

During an interview last week, Shane Brown says although there was no bad vibes between himself and Busy Signal, he do feel hurt by the decision.

“There is no quarreling or no vibes so I just say okay let me leave it alone… personally this is from 2007 and I feel hurt,” Shane Brown explain.

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