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Rumor: Khago Accused Off Holding On To Downsound Chain

The ongoing beef between Khago and Downsound records starting to get ugly with some startling accusations on both sides.

Days after Khago called Skatta Burrell a puppet at Downsound Records. A new accusation from inside Downsound surfaced alleging that Khago did not return a borrowed chain to the label after his departure last week.

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A rep for Downsound Records told Urban Islandz that Khago borrowed a chain from Joe Bogdanovich to enhance his image, but up to now he did not returned the high priced jewelry to the label’s head.

“Unfortunately the rumor is true and there is much more to the story but I can’t discuss all the dirty details,” the source said.

In his rant earlier this week, Khago says Joe Bogdanovich did not delivered on his promises.

“When I went to DSR last year mi book out straight till December, Joe tell mi sey he will act as a manager and him will do tings like give me one music video every three months, maintain my visibility on TV, produce band for me, gimme a stylist and more tings. Unuh see me inna designer clothes? A nine tings him promise and mi nuh see dem yet,” Khago said.

Khago has also been bashing Downsound producer Skatta Burrell.

Joe Bogdanovich said this week that Khago is very difficult to work with.

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  1. Khago is a good artise but need proper management team

  2. Khago clearly have management issues this is what the 10th manager him change.