Downsound Says They Dropped Khago, Deejay Says “A Me Left”

The beef between Khago and Dounsound records continues to play out in the public eyes.

Khago is furious with Joe Bogdanovich over what he calls unfulfilled promises. Joe says Khago is impossible to work with.

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Downsound Records producer Skatta Burrell also called out Khago this week on Twitter for telling the media his dropped Downsound Records.

“Maybe he is trying to generate some level of hype by doing this or maybe him have amnesia cause he has issues. DSR is a management company,” Skatta Burrell told the Star.

Now Khago is furious with Skatta and Downsound. This is what he said:

“Mi nuh know wha Skatta a talk bout cause him a Downsound clown. Him a look a hype. I decided to leave DSR because of my personal issues. I don’t have a management deal with them because I am still signed to someone else. I have a booking agent agreement deal with DSR.”

“When I went to DSR last year mi book out straight till December, Joe tell mi sey he will act as a manager and him will do tings like give me one music video every three months, maintain my visibility on TV, produce band for me, gimme a stylist and more tings. Unuh see me inna designer clothes? A nine tings him promise and mi nuh see dem yet.”

“Instead of taking 10%, Joe start take 23% because him say him a go deliver pon dem nine tings deh. Nobody never book a show fi me through DSR, if a dem mi a wait pon mi wudda suffer. A Violet book fi me and she take her 10% and she send the rest a di money come give Joe and him take out 23% out a wha she send and him know a nuh him a book di show dem.”

“Mi and Joe go farin wha day and mi tell him say me waan have a reason wid him. When we come offa di plane, him jump inna him X6 and press gas. Dis come like slavery. Joe nah have no meeting wid me unless Skatta is there and mi nuh sign to Skatta. Joe always a tell me say him busy when mi link him. Unuh need fi tell Skatta fi go siddung cause the first time me go DSR a run dem a run Skatta and tek whe him bimma key and him a bawl and a me haffi beg fi him. Skatta need fi stop watch Joe pocket and make Joe focus on music.”

Some strong accusations by Khago.

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  1. Khago Khago? wah gwaan deh nw?

  2. ntn to say d industri sheg up.

  3. u an skatta a di same. u memba when u a diss sizzla, him support u. now u a cry downsound.