Khago Axed Downsound, Skatta Burrell Calls Him Out On Twitter

Khago seems to be having management problems or maybe he is the problem to his management.

The dancehall singjay has announced that he is no longer affiliate Downsound Records.

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Speaking with Irie FM, Khago says he did not signed a contract with Downsound Records, they only did bookings for him.

However, Downsound head Joe Bogdanovich says Khago is impossible to work with.

“His sense of security is so unstable that progress is difficult to achieve,” Bogdanovich said.

Downsound producer Skatta Burrell also called out Khago on Twitter.

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How Khago fi guh on air a seh him neva sign to Downsound? a suh we stupid fi a work wid artist widout contracts? afta all wi been thru??” Skatta tweeted

“Smaddy tell Khago fi stop look a hype offa di label cause him ago end up get embarrassed him muss hav amnesia an figget mi witness him sign,” Skatta added on Twitter.

Khago previously managed by Bankelous and Stashment Records.