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Gaza Slim Says Only 3 Remaining Members Left In The Gaza [VIDEO]

After months of speculation, Gaza Slim has finally sets the record straight on who is still a member of Vybz Kartel’s disbanded Gaza crew.

Popcaan once said “a me love Kartel the most” but Gaza Slim says she is the most loyal Vybz Kartel protege and she has the tattoo and arrest record to prove it.

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As for Popcaan, he is not even still a member of the Gaza.

During her recent interview with Noisey Jamaica for their 10th and final episode, Gaza Slim said only three remaining members left in the Gaza.

“Only me, Vybz Kartel and Tommy Lee are still a member of the Gaza,” Gaza Slim said.

When asked about Popcaan she declined to comment.

Last year, Vybz Kartel shocked Gaza fans when he announced from behind bars that he is disbanding the group due to disloyalty among members. Shortly after the announcement he released a collaborative single with Tommy Lee titled “Informa” which is rumored to be diss track towards Popcaan.

Just last week Noisey Jamaica aired an episode featuring Popcaan, where the Hotskull deejay declined to discuss his relationship with Vybz Kartel. He did not even want to hear the name Vybz Kartel before walking out on the interviewer.

That action by Popcaan, who once said he loves Vybz Kartel the most, left fans to believe he and Vybz Kartel are on speaking terms.

To make matters worse, Popcaan has still yet to visit Vybz Kartel behind bars.

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  1. a tru dat, popcaan a di bigest impostor! bomboclaaaaaaaat……

  2. Wait I thought the Portmore Empire disbanded, respect to Gaza Slim for staying with Kartel in his current situation, her loyalty will be pay off short term and off course long term once Kartel is free.

  3. I jus did 14yrs, because of cats like these, they crack every time!

  4. Popcaan sell out the Gaza boss LOL.

  5. Teacha ah hope when yuh come out ah jail……yuh lef Popcaan hangingggggggg!

  6. do vex with popcaan it not has fault, it happen that way it have enemies they just mush up every thing.

  7. life still go on.
    slim stay stay with kartel, tommy stay, u will be blessed in time big time just staying with kartel mark my words.