Shane Brown Speak Out On Busy Signal Split, “I Feel Hurt” [VIDEO]

Busy Signal sent shock waves throughout dancehall earlier this week when he announced that he has parted ways with longtime manager Shane Brown.

It turns out Busy Signal fans were not the only one shocked by the news.

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Speaking with TVJ’s Entertainment Prime, Shane Brown says he was shocked and hurt by Busy Signal’s decision.

“Basically Busy Signal let his brother called me and say from now on the business is a family business, so his brother is going to fly down from Connecticut and he is going to be responsible for the management now,” Shane Brown said.

“Busy Signal explanation to me is that he is getting older and he wants to create his own label and his own company and he wants his company to manage him… and where is career is right now he and his family could take it from there,” Brown added.

Shane Brown also noted that there is no bad blood between the two.

“There is no quarreling or no vibes so I just say okay let me leave it alone… personally this is from 2007 and I feel hurt,” Shane Brown explain.

Shane Brown, who is also a producer, is the head of Juke Boxx Records, the label behind a lot of Busy Signal hits.

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