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Lady Saw Goes HAM On John John Side Chicks On Twitter

Dancehall star Lady Saw has again turned to Twitter to vent her frustration with her boyfriend John John cheating ways.

Last year Lady Saw took to Twitter to blow off some steam after founding out her boyfriend of 17 years, producer John John, has knocked up her neighbour.

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This time Lady Saw is calling out her hairstylist, who she accused of having an affair with John John.

This is what Lady Saw wrote on Twitter:

“Now that I left I’m just letting u all know that I knew about so many of u bi—es but was waiting on the right time to loud u all up.”

“Some man think dem N the bi–hes are so smart but for years I act like I didn’t know so now u know I know.”

“Hair dresser marie when u come a mi yard come do mi hair mi could a f u up but u man use di shovel on u after u left back road instead lol.”

“Marie mi know bout all a u long time but was waiting on the right time fi loud u up u think u did smart lol mi did a play fool fi catch wise”

“Hair dresser gayl marie fr water house when u come a mi 2 house come eat food my money buy mi shoulda knock u out wid di pot .”

“Freaky hair dresser gayl marie fr water house u know how long mi know u a go back road up a J apt N him mother yard go f. Him nasty bi–h”

Lady Saw and bf John John

This would not be the first time Lady Saw break up with John John over his cheating ways. However, she stunned fans last year when she announced on Twitter that she is thinking about marrying him.

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lady saw and boyfriend john john


  1. anthonyjoan@yahoo.com

    Mi know it hard but you reach too far in life to …you can get any man you want leave john john or what his name is i got a dream about you please call me ….@340 201 2179 …or 340…227…9045

  2. likely seriously agen! lady saw a yu seh strong, a wah him affi guh do before yu can lef him fi gud, d amount a time him cheat wid people yu knw….n yu a tlk bout yu did a play fool fi catch wise, mi wuda luv fi knw who is d wise one? cuz it definitely wasn’t u, dat much mi knw!

  3. time is the key u r not silly nor an ediot its just time conquer all when u love somebody u go extra mile for them but the longest rope have an end.

  4. Nadia SoulRebel Taylor

    Isn’t this the same woman that condoned her man cheating a while ago? Honestly she is confusing.

  5. bw0i disrespec u let him go.

  6. bw0i disrespec u let him go.

  7. Foolishness! She’s a grown woman and need fi throw him to the curb permanently. Man deh do that to you ova and ova again and yuh a tek him back? Him neva going to respect her. Kick his a$$ to the curb with all the singting dem she buy fi him!