Snoop Lion Opens Up To Multi Media Personality Nikki Z

Reggae enthusiast Snoop Lion gave the infamous “Diva Of Media” Nikki Z, a very candid interview for both WZMX Hot 93.7 and her syndicated World Caribbean Countdown, “Nikki Z’s Hot 20”, heard in Africa, the Caribbean, and throughout the USA.

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In the interview, Snoop discusses his motivation behind doing a reggae project and states, “I’m going to make reggae get so big so the whole world respects reggae music”. Snoop notes and explains the significance of the track ‘Lighters Up’ featuring known musical rivals Mavado and Popcaan. He addresses the importance of artists uniting through music and not separate the masses

Snoop Lion’s career began in 1992 under his official moniker “Snoop Dogg” with the release of the Dr. Dre produced ‘Chronic’ album with tracks like “What’s My Name”, “Gin & Juice”, “Deep Cover”, and “Murder Was the Case”. Indeed, Snoop was more known for his gangsta flare for the majority of his career. In the compelling interview with Nikki Z., Snoop discusses why reggae helped bring him get closer to family and closer to peace. Snoop Lion documented his journey with “Reincarnated” documentary scheduled for release March 15th.

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In regards to the controversy involving Bunny Wailer, he simply said, “ I didn’t hear any disrespect out of Bunny Wailers mouth, all I can do is say I love Bunny Wailer, I love him more today than yesterday”.

In the candid interview, Snoop opens up about legendary rapper/actor Tupac and says if Tupac were alive, he would be one of the greatest film makers of our time. He also reminisced with Nikki Z. on the fact that Tupac was at times misjudged, doubted by industry big wigs, and referred to the infamous rumor to the controversial alleged HIV test Janet Jackson requested of Tupac for the film “Poetic Justice”. Snoop says Tupac was ahead of his time and a revolutionist.

When Asked about the interview with Snoop Lion, the ever impressive diva had this to say, “I too was a skeptic, as I told him. But listening to him and watching the documentary showed me at the end of the day, it’s all about love”.

If you missed this eye opening interview on Hot 93.7, you can catch it on Nikki Z’s Hot 20 Countdown, a syndicated Caribbean show airing on FM stations across the Caribbean, Africa, as well as the USA and Online. Nikki Z’s Hot 20 is also available to your mobile device via ITunes. In addition to the Hot 20, you can catch Nikki Z Friday mornings at 8am on Ct’s #1 Hip Hop Station Hot 93.7 ,mixing it up for the highly rated “Reggae Ride To Work”.

She is not your ordinary Diva and she doesn’t deliver your ordinary everyday Interview or radio show! Nikki Z’s journey to radio didn’t happen overnight. She joined the army at age 17 and even did a 6 month tour in Saudi Arabia. She became one of the top media personalities in Jamaica doing mornings on ZIP FM and even went on to produce the hit record “Don’t Cry” for Mavado. Back in the USA, she worked with the Syndicated Wendy Williams show while it was on production in Hartford. She is one of the most respected, hard driven and hard working DJ’s/entertainment reporters/media personalities in the world covering Caribbean Music and Beyond.