Snoop Lion Opens Up About Suge Knight Reunion “Time Heals Wounds”

Now that Snoop Lion changed his image from a gangster rapper to Rasta reggae, he is slowly forgiving all his enemies.

The West Coast rap legend recently opened up about reconciling with his former Death Row boss Suge Knight.

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This is what Snoop said in the interview with DJ Skee.

“I think time heals all wounds,” Snoop Lion said. “And then being a bigger man and being one who accepts responsibility and right or wrong, I like saving lives, I don’t like to take lives. If that means putting my hand out saying I’m wrong, I apologize and we be cool, I’ll do that as opposed to me going behind my back, pulling a gun out and getting somebody or me doing something vicious to you.”

The then Snoop Dogg and Suge Knight had a bitter fallout back in the early 1990s.

Snoop dogg Suge Knight reunite 2013

However, last month Snoop posted a photo on Instagram showing himself, Suge Knight and some friends in the club together.