Miss Kitty Replace Ragashanti On LinkUp Radio Morning Show

Jamaican radio personality, Khadine Williams, more popularly known as Miss Kitty, replaced Ragashanti on Linkup Radio morning show.

According to LinkUp, The Fluffy Diva is now the new hosts of “The Mawning Link With Miss Kitty” from 6am-10am EST Monday to Friday on the station.

Ragashanti Shed More Light On Resignation, “I Won’t Deceive My People”

“Squeeze (the owner of the station) reached out to me and expressed his interest in my talent and ability to ‘fluff’ up his station,” Miss Kitty told the Star. “After much back and forth and deliberation we finally came to a mutual agreement.”

Ragashanti, real name Dr. Kingsley Stewart, recently vacated his position on the radio station after a bitter fallout with manager David ‘Squeeze’ Annakie.

Ragashanti says Squeeze tried to exploit him during his stint there and even tried to copyright the name Ragashanti.

Did David Squeeze Tried To Copyright “Ragashanti” Name?

However, Miss Kitty says she started negotiations with David Squeeze before the Ragashanti saga.

“I was contacted before the whole Raga saga,” she said. “It was during my negotiations that the controversy between him and Squeeze developed. I hold Raga in high esteem and I have great respect for him. Mi and him a come from far, so the issue with him and Squeeze has nothing to do with me.”

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