Ragashanti Shed More Light On Resignation, “I Won’t Deceive My People”

Last week Urban Islandz first told you that Ragashanti resigned from LinkUp Radio in New York.

Now the Jamaican radio personality has stepped forward to shed some more light on why he tendered his resignation.

In a lengthy message posted on his website, Raga says he refused to use his image to sell products or deceive his Caribbean listeners.

A close source close to LinkUp Radio exclusively told Urban Islandz that Ragashanti was constantly being harassed to market a product name Biolife.

“He really wanted to distance himself from Squeeze and all the shady services and products he advertised on his program, he just wnated to be a broadcaster with no strings attached,” the source said.

You can read Ragashanti full statement below:

After numerous attempts to control and exploit me to make money, I made it known at all times that I am primarily a broadcaster and that I do not want my image or likeness to be exploited in ways I don’t see fit. I also made it known that I don’t need anyone to “manage” or to channel me in arenas I consider unethical. I also did not want to be so obsessively focused on money that I would be callously exploiting my fellow Jamaicans and other Caribbean nationals. This wasn’t received well by those who told me I could be the “biggest money making machine” for their company. This then led to multiple and unending manipulations for me to change my mind. They were unsuccessful. Then there were several attempts to use my image and likeness to initiate money-making initiatives without my consent through contractual agreements. I killed those. Then it reached a point of disrespectful attacks, I guess aimed at trying to get back at me in a very petty manner. They failed. Then the pettiness increased in a manner aimed at trying to “draw me out” to do something rash so that they could sue me and demolish me. Again they were not successful. It was under this climate that I thought it best to resign.

On receiving my resignation, an all-out effort was made for me to change my mind. I received non-stop pressure for me to stay. I remained firm and made them know I was absolutely leaving.

After they realized I was definitely not changing my mind, I received several unpleasantries from Squeeze – one of which was that my contract did not allow me to work in the New York City area for six months after leaving. I laughed and said I was not aware of that and then pointedly asked him, Squeeze, if he would really take it to that level to deny me the opportunity to work if I was made an offer to do so? SQUEEZE GUARANTEED ME HE WOULD NEVER DO THAT!! I repeat: SQUEEZE SAID HE WOULD NEVER TRY TO NOT LET ME WORK IN NYC IN THE 6 MONTHS AFTER I LEFT LINK UP. We then proceeded to agreeing on the terms of our intended harmonious separation.

It is therefore quite awful that a popular Caribbean newspaper is spectacularly reporting that I will not be able to work in NYC after leaving Link Up – the exact refrain that was brought to me by Squeeze. So is it a coincidence that the very thing Squeeze mentioned to me is reported in the paper?

Aaaaaayyyyy bwoy!!

The editor of the paper was a former employee of Squeeze. And Squeeze also told me he was in contact with the editor regarding my resignation.

And I can guarantee you, knowing how these people do their thing – you’re gonna hear them distancing themselves from the paper, suggesting, or stating, that they had nothing to do with what was published – as if you’re all idiots.

My agreement with them was that we would conduct the separation in a mature and harmonious manner. We were to stick by the line that I was resigning for personal and professional reasons. We were to also ensure that we resisted all attempts from anyone trying to get either of us to be negative about the other BY STICKING ONLY to the same line that I was leaving for personal and professional reasons.

Again, that agreement was obviously breached.

Don’t give any credibility to the chatter that there was no ill will on their part.

My calculations are, that certain elements were pissed about not being able to control me towards their personal objectives, and those elements were apparently even more upset that I had the power to simply resign. I wanted to leave immediately, but could not do so because I was contractually obligated to give a month’s notice. Since then all sorts of games were played in order to get at me. Again they failed. So what just transpired was simply another attempt to draw me out, and perhaps aimed at getting me mad to the point where I would just leave – which would make me in breach of the contract, and give them a platform to sue me. They did not succeed. After I responded to the agreement breach that occurred in the newspaper article, by making the listeners know some of what had been occurring, they ceased broadcasting me – which was strategically silly with regards to their petty objectives – given that the whole world already knows I had already submitted my resignation.

But Raga good same way….and will always be.

Some a dem a gwaan like a dem name Miss Cherry… a dem push me out. How dem fi stop me…wen dem neva staat mi.

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