Did David Squeeze Tried To Copyright “Ragashanti” Name?

The beef between radio personality and the manager of LinkUp Radio, David “Squeeze” Annakie continues to play out in the media.

Sources close to LinkUp Radio continues to spill the bean and what really went down that cause Ragashanti, real name Kingsley Stewart, to vacate his position at the New York based radio station.

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According to the source, David Squeeze not only tried to exploit Ragashanti to endorse a product called Biolife, but also attempted to copyright the name “Ragashanti.”

“Squeeze tried to copyright Ragashanti but failed because of the legalities,” the source said.

“If he had successfully copyright the name he could have ruined Ragashanti career. But Jah naan sleep. Squeeze is a bad manager and a horrible person and nobody want to work with him,” the source added.

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Ragashanti also confirmed via his Facebook page that Squeeze did in fact tried to copyright his name.

Ragashanti also released emails between himself and Squeeze of the two arguing.

See email from Squeeze to Ragashanti below:

Big man ting, sometime you just have to listen and then tell mi f off….I mean no ill…and that’s my word on my kids.

I never said anything to harm you and will not, if there is something u don’t like a phone call always fix things, but jumping the gun just mek it bad for everyone.
I have been receiving calls to be nasty and I refuse to. A lot of people like and dislike you and I the same. It’s just not worth it.

See Ragashanti response below:

Big man thing…like I said, it’s simple….if you move to me, me a go move to you. If you’re hell-bent on being my worst nightmare…den mi a goh stop dream an tun duppy pon yuh. You have a pathetic sickness where you actually really do believe that you’re so smart that when you do your evil screwed up sh-t people don’t know. I sat you down and told you there was no need for us to get in a public drama about my resignation. I told you we could complete the separation peacefully and with mutual respect. You agreed. We made an agreement, one that required you to simply be a man, for once, and honor the terms. But being that you have no honor and integrity, you just couldn’t resist resorting to your usual kindergarten-like, hyper-competitive, spoilt bi–h dispensation. What, you think I don’t know how you routinely execute your evil deeds and then make every effort to act like you were not responsible? Are you forgetting that I was around you for 10 months and have been privy to the way you conduct yourself? Do you not think that I have been observing you diligently? Are you forgetting that I have an above average understanding of human behavior?

I hereby diagnose you a selfish, dishonest, megalomaniac with an acute case of Munchausen Syndrome. Go look that up. You need help.

Your veiled threats don’t phase me one bit. Get “nasty” if you wish. Just know that you’d be getting nasty with someone who knows that EVERYBODY has something to lose – and that victory in anything is always a question of WILL. It would be a good idea for you to really think on this, and chill. But, alas, that might not be something you can do. Can you do that Squeeze? Can the almighty Squeeze find it in him to let go without having to think he has won? Let’s see….

Just know…….”anyting a anyting”.

By the way, you really should stop swearing on your children when you engage in your sick demented behavior. Gosh Squeeze….have some boundaries.

Anyways, mi a goh bax dung some food ya now…..yuh lucky!!